"HELP" EZ Drive detected when restoring Drive Imag

  Mark-335400 15:06 09 May 2003

I have just imaged my h/d to 3 cdr's and created boot floppies in Drive Image 2002, however when I reboot from the floppies they load Caldera dos almost all the way but it then reports that EZ Drive has been detected and cannot therefore continue with reinstalling the image. please help

  Mark-335400 18:17 09 May 2003

SOLUTION, just in case anyone reads this thread, here is the solution, it would appear that the reference to EZ is the remnants of a previous partition after being repartitioned and formated which leaves a 5 character "signature" of AERMH in sector 2 or 3 of the boot record which makes DRiveImage think that EZ is still installed. In my particular case I needed to simply "totally Clean" the reformated hardisk thus removing reference to EZ, I visisted powerquest's web site and downloaded ezsig.exe. I then transfered the what I thought was this clean formated h/d disk to another system as a slave h/drive and ran the ezsig.exe programme. This looked at my original c drive and this second slave drive, and discovered that the slave drive did in actual fact show a reference to EZ. I was prompted for if I wanted to change it, which I answered yes and it simply renamed AERMH as HMREA (reversed the text). I then transfered the slave back to its orginal pc base unit and booted to Drive Image floppies and was able to bypass the error message of EZ Drive being detected. I then was able to restore my cd backup of my hard drive without any further problems...........

  woodchip 18:23 09 May 2003

You have disc overlay software installed

  woodchip 18:24 09 May 2003

PS the only way is remove EZ with the software that created it, and then partition and reload your OS and software

  Mark-335400 18:26 09 May 2003

Just out of curiosity, whats that ? and what does it do ?

  Mark-335400 18:31 09 May 2003

just picked up your ps message, again could you further expand as this was a h/disk purchased from a local computer shop about 8 months ago, it was then fiited as a slave drive in a win 98/ME system and then fitted as a master after formatting etc in a win xp prof system with NTFS file system, (curiosity is getting the better of me I feel) ?????

  woodchip 18:35 09 May 2003

It is a manufacturer software that sets up the drive "EASY" to save FDISK and format etc. So if you know what the drive is Ex Seagate etc. go to site and download there software to remove it or go back to the shop and ask what he used to setup your new drive

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