Help explaining RAM info please

  iqs 17:29 04 Mar 2008


I have just used Pc Wizard 08 to identify what type of RAM I have fitted.

2GB 2X 1GB

DDR2-SDRAM PC2.5300 (333MHz) (DDR2-666)

Could someone please explain what the above means,in laymans terms ;-)

Thank you

  wee eddie 17:35 04 Mar 2008

and it runs faster than your fingers can type.

  iqs 18:00 04 Mar 2008

wee eddie,thanks for the very basic in laymans terms reply ;-)

But a little more info would be very helpful please.

Cheers wee eddie

  rossgolf 18:07 04 Mar 2008

wat kind of info are you lookin for?
DDR2-SDRAM is the type of ram it is if you are g9oin to upgrade thats the type you need to buy.
pc25300 is also sayin the type of ram it is.
333mhz is its speed

  MAT ALAN 18:08 04 Mar 2008

click here

this will keep ya going till tea time...

  MAT ALAN 18:08 04 Mar 2008


  Pineman100 18:36 04 Mar 2008

Hmmm - how much information is too little or too much?! ;-)

You have 2 gigabytes (ie: 2000 megabytes) of RAM, made up with two matched RAM modules of 1GB each.

The modules are Double Data Rate 2, meaning that they run at something like twice the speed of older types of RAM module.

Since I'm not very techie, that's as much as I can tell you, which just might be about the right level for you!

  Totally-braindead 18:41 04 Mar 2008

There is more info to take into account that PC Wizard hasn't identified such as parity of the memory, this might be important if you want to buy more memory in which case you goto the Crucial website and enter what computer you have and it will tell you exactly what you need.

  iqs 22:38 04 Mar 2008

Hello all,and thank you for your help.
I posted the thread to gain a better understanding of what all the acronyms and number stand for and mean.Will help me buy the correct type.Cheers for the comments and links.Cool

  MAT ALAN 22:49 04 Mar 2008

click here

to actually but the correct type, you need go no further than the "memory advisor tool" in the link, it will tell you exactly whats in your PC a full range of compatible upgrades and of course the option to buy ...

  Totally-braindead 23:50 05 Mar 2008

Do not make the same mistake a few others have done. Do not use the Crucial details to check what type of memory you need and then go elsewhere unless you really know what you are doing. I have seen 2 people on this Forum so far this year that have done just that and then found the memory they bought wouldn't work.
They bought the same type of memory DDR2 as an example and the same speed of memory but didn't get the rest of the info needed.

You clearly do not know a lot about memory so my advise is get what Crucial recommends and buy from them as you know it will be right.

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