Help: Exception processing message c0000013

  The Mountaineer 04:16 24 Oct 2009

Still in Kathmandu trying to sort my nephews PC and after a recent windows update have started to get the error message on startup and repeating every minute or so: Exception Processing message c0000013. I have googled it and come across 3 possible explanations and solutions but nothing in the Microsoft knowledge base which fixed it. The specific causes I found and have tried to fix are related to the removal of Quicktime, which I have done, and "clearing" the Start menu. The other possible fix (which I cant find now!) related to Windows searching for a drive which it couldnt find and needing to change drive letters which sounded quite scary to me.
Machine is running XP Pro SP3.
Any steps for a fix greatly appreciated

  John B 07:41 24 Oct 2009
  The Mountaineer 10:15 24 Oct 2009

Thanks John B. I've followed the link and advice, uninstalling A drive and CD drive then reinstalling drivers. No effect!
Sorry about delayed response, I'm on 128kbs "broadband" here!

  The Mountaineer 14:51 24 Oct 2009

I've now got this damned problem on a PC and two laptops! One of the laptops has had nothing connected or downloaded except a couple of Windows updates.
Is NOBODY else out there getting this problem or seen it before?

  John B 18:12 24 Oct 2009

This link suggests a registry fix ... click here

  The Mountaineer 01:51 25 Oct 2009

Thanks John B. The suggested registry fix HAS worked in "removing" the error message. It seems that it may have been caused by the removal of a usb drive without clicking the remove hardware icon. However the registry fix has only hidden the message apparently without actually fixing the cause of the message so I wont close the thread just yetin case someone finds the final solution.
Many thanks for sticking with me John, even googling something in kathmandu is taking a lifetime!

  John B 11:25 25 Oct 2009

This link refers to a possible trojan causing the problem, and running an 'eset' online scan, which may not be practicable with your connction speed.

Perhaps it's worth a look? click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:17 25 Oct 2009

related to Windows searching for a drive which it couldnt find and needing to change drive letters which sounded quite scary to me.

Have you been using a card reader and flash cards from cameras to put photos on the machines?

As you insert a card or card reader to different ports it will give the card a different letter. this maybe causing the problem when windows cnnot find the drive.

In device manager unistall the card reader drivers. reboot the PC and it will find and reinstall the drivers as required and should solve the problem.

  The Mountaineer 03:40 26 Oct 2009

John B: Carried out the ESET scan as you suggested, nothing found.
FruitBat; Scary to reassign drive letters! Too right! Just checking on your suggestion, the computer doesn't show any removable device in device manager unless its plugged in, and we have had an SD card, a flash drive, and an ereader plugged in at different times. So, regarding drivers etc do I attempt driver uninstall/reinstall with the device plugged in? Apologies for the "novice level" question.
Also sorry about delayed reply as there's a 6 hour time diference between us.

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