Help Establishing Wireless network

  6310 11:02 11 May 2006

I am experiencing difficulties with getting my two pc,s to talk to each other via a wireless router. The main machine is connected to the router via a cable the laptop is connected to the router wirelessly both can connect to the internet, but try as I might I cannot get them to speak to each other. I have run the windows network setup wizard, I have set sharing and security against both machines to share. The main Machine can see the Laptop and itself when viewing my network places/entire network/microsoft windows network/home from explorer, the laptop can only see itself when viewing my network places/entire network/microsoft network/home. Any help would be gratefully received... Nick

  splatter 11:04 11 May 2006

have you check your firewall settings? XP SP2's firewall can sometimes disable File and Print Sharing even if you have ran the setup wizard...thats assuming you have SP2 of course.

  6310 11:13 11 May 2006

The laptop has windows firewall switched off its using Norton, the main machine is a bit more confusing I am using windows one care (trial version) and on that machine windows security centre reports that the windows firewall is non however if I click on the windows firewall icon in the lower half of the window the resulting window (from where you coulod turn it off) states that it is in fact OFF....

  Legolas 18:06 11 May 2006

I had a similar problem and fixed it by turning of the Norton Firewall not the best solution although I think your router will have a firewall built in.

  bluesbrother 18:33 11 May 2006

I haven't used Norton but this might work.

If you look for something along the lines of Internet Zone Security or Stealth Mode. This should be set to medium to allow sharing.

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