Help Epson CD printer

  EFC1878 22:12 26 Aug 2006

I am trying to print onto DVD asI have done many times before and I are having problems.

I line up the DVD to the mark as directed but each time the disc is rejected as not lined up properly.

Added to this the tray does not want to run under the rollers and needs 'a little help'.

Any ideas before I through the printer out of the window.

I am under an Epson Photo R200

  woodchip 23:11 26 Aug 2006

Suggest you remove the Epson Complete from Windows through Control Panel Add Remove Programs then Do a Search for Epson and Delete. If you have other Epson you will have to make sure what you are deleting. Then reinstall the Epson Drivers and Software

  EFC1878 23:54 26 Aug 2006

I wnet to watch MOTD came back after seeing the mighty blues beat Spurs and tried it again. This time it worked!!

Can't bel;eive it was down to the inspiration from EFC but....

It seems very flaky. This is not the first time it has happended and I should not have to help the tray along nor start if ahead of the normal mark.

I may take your advice it the problem persists.

  Sharpamatt 08:21 27 Aug 2006

Make sure that the printer still has sufficent clearence at the back for the tray to go completley thro

  EFC1878 10:03 27 Aug 2006


Thanks for the advice. In all the time I have had the printer I never realised the slot at the back exisited. Obviously it has when I think about unless it does some magic on the 'disappearing tray'.

Thanks again

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