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  gary2112 14:27 16 Oct 2008

hi there I don’t no were to turn with this. me and a m8 ran a nice online shop on eBay everything was going great till I moved ,many of our items went missing from royal mail or late delivery everything sent recorded .then people start complaining that they never got there items even with prove and tracking numbers PayPal would still refund despite me having there’s numbers and sending them out .I try contacting royal mail yet after spending a hour and half on the phone still no answer, then they send me this form with tiny little lines on it that you could never place the numbers on this form .I phone eBay to tell them what’s going on ,but to my total shock they close my account down leavening me 1777 pounds in debt plus people stilling claiming for missing items ,I’m a very honest guy and every penny that I’ve had I’ve put back into PayPal to repay people ,this has got me so down that I even considered toping myself after people threatening me to come down and kick my head in don’t know how much moor I can take but if there’s anybody out there that can help or give advice please help

  Terry Brown 14:35 16 Oct 2008

As you say items were sent 'recorded post', this means that the 'Royal Mail' or Parcelforce would have signatures for the items they claim to have delivered.
I have enclosed a link to the royal mail track and trace site, enter the number on your proof of posting, and it will show you the person who signed for it, and the date it was delivered.
click here;jsessionid=YI1PXX2FVY4I0FB2IGJFGAQ;jsessionid=YI1PXX2FVY4I0FB2IGJFGAQ?catId=22700601&emt=emt&track=track&default=default&imageRootPath=&loc=en_GB&keyname=track_home&gear=track

Hope this helps.

  gary2112 14:40 16 Oct 2008

here the thing i have receats with the names and adress on them from royal mail but when i place the tracking number in the box say they have not been sighd for ,even thow i have the receat in front of me so i dont no total mess realy.

  Terry Brown 14:49 16 Oct 2008

If the goods have NOT been signed for the Royal Mail is responsible for the items until such time as a signature is received.

If they cannot trace them, then you are entitled to compensation under their scheme. ( I believe you have to wait 28 days)

P.S. As you say you are in busines, I would strongly suggest you improve your grasp of the English language and spelling.


  birdface 14:58 16 Oct 2008

Hi.Garry has a big problem and it is nice of you to give him some help.But being critical of his spelling mistakes does not help him.

  rickf 15:46 16 Oct 2008

I don't think Terry is intentionally critical of his English. However, it does help when written properly. I had some difficulty myself on first reading what he was saying.
As suggested take it up with RM. For so many items to have got lost would suggest that this have been going for a while and you have not been keeping a constant eye on it. Its easier to sort out a single or couple of items but with so many (?)

  skidzy 16:50 16 Oct 2008

Hi Garry

As you have sent the items in question by Royal Mail Recorded delivery,each item is Insured upto a total of £36 or market value (jewelery is not covered) this needs to be Special delivery.

Garry,i know things can get to you with Ebay selling (been there and still do) but you must not think of those bad ideas.
There is help out there with these matters but will take some time.Some times it is like banging your head against the wall,but stick with it.

By the sounds of things here,i think it could be time for your post office to look into this further and maybe an investigation.

Regarding your spelling;
Dont worry about it,mine is not the best around by a mile... we can understand whats going on,so just take a little more time with your typing and read the words back to yourself carefully.

  gary2112 18:37 16 Oct 2008

sorry about the spelling just i wrote it in a panic .terry was i was keeping i eye on it every day till 10pm some days things went bad when royal mail, told me i had to wait 12 days the items. i was selling were console games so the sort of people who would buy this sort of stuff were teens ,and kids so they would click on negtive with out a thought we even sold games on pre order that stated this fact we had big blue labels stateing this fact yet still we got got bad feed back becouse some people dont read the listings and click buy.then to top it all. i got a paypal top up card so i could pay postage and stuff like that.i send money across to it then paypal hold my money for 3 weeks .in this time no money to send out items and paypal have my money .

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