Help with a DVD driver

  Quilljar 11:04 12 Jan 2006

My DVD disk drive has not worked for some time and I have rather ignored it. But now I wd like to get it going again. All usual indications are that it is OK,
ie device manager says it is working. But when I put in either a CD or a DVD and click on its icon in My Computer, it always comes up with the message
'Please insert disk into drive E'

Can anyone suggest what I might try to re-activate the drive?

  Devil Fish 11:12 12 Jan 2006

a few things to try

1 clean the lens you can purchase kits to do this

2 reinstall the driver by uninstalling the driver in device manager then rebooting windows (if you need help with this post your o/s eg win 2000 xp )

3 check cables connecting dvd are fitted securly (unlikley but one may be very slightly off)

if none of the above work it may be time to replace the drive

hope this is of some help

  ventanas 12:22 12 Jan 2006

Yep, could be a few reasons. I actually had this a few days ago and fixed it by giving the cables a push (even though they didn't appear to be out at all). Other reasons could be dirty lens, dectection problems (just remove in device manager and reboot) or more serious, the lens or some other part of the drive could have failed, in which case it's a replacement.

  Stuartli 12:42 12 Jan 2006

A dirty lens is a rare event as drives are very well sealed,

The reason is much more likely, as stated, to be loose connections (often caused by installing new hardware) or by the failure of the laser (or one of the two lasers in the case of a DVD drive).

By the way, even if the laser has gone kaput, this will not be revealed by the This Device is Working Properly indication in Device Manager. It will still state that fact...:-)

If you have XP also try checking out the AutoPlay settings.

  Stuartli 12:44 12 Jan 2006

Any optical drive, whether CD or DVD, only requires the basic Windows CDROM driver and this is automatically installed when you reboot after uninstalling the drive or install a drive for the first time.

  Quilljar 16:38 12 Jan 2006

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but no use. It is a very old drive X10. I think I will have to get an external DVD instead. Easier to manage and it will connect to my other computers if required
Thanks, it was a final shot!


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