help on drivermax

  MoisesAvelar 22:11 10 May 2012

I really didn't have any problems with Drivermax until yesterday, I updated some drivers and after rebooting my old Dell latitude 610 my screen went black, I can hear my hard drive performing alright but ZERO image. Since I do not see anything, I don't know how to roll back those drivers nor how to activate a restore point. PLEASE HELP !!!

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  birdface 22:33 10 May 2012

Try tapping F8 as the computer starts to see if it will start in safe mode.If so try All programs.Accessories.System tools.Then system restore.

  KRONOS the First 07:29 11 May 2012

Get rid of this software,thes types of program's often cause more problems than they solve. Most of the drivers that they seem to indicate need updating are not necessary. It is only really necessary to update a particular driver if you are either having a problem with something or the update adds benefit.

As butman says use system restore then remove the Drivermax software.

  Ian in Northampton 08:36 11 May 2012

In Drivermax's defence... I've used it extensively over several years with great success. BUT: as Chronus says, this kind of program needs using with care. I have only ever used it to backup and to restore existing drivers - but never to automatically search for and install new drivers. As Chronus says: the key principle is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

  birdface 08:49 11 May 2012

You could try hooking it up to another monitor and if it works on that then it is a screen problem.

This may help if you are able to use it.

Not sure if the XP CD gives you the chance of running it or not.

  MoisesAvelar 08:36 15 May 2012

Thanx guys, got it fixed using the F8 key, running my machine on safe mode i was able to restore my system. Thank u for the help !!!

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