Help ! Disk Defragmenter will not run

  OldRed 02:12 10 Feb 2005

Hi all,
My PC runs windows 98se and the hard drive has 15.7GB free from the 18.6GB capacity.

When I run this program it seems to be working but it never gets anywhere, I left it running all night and by morning it still showed 0% complete and the details page stays blank so I left it running all day and nothing happens.

The start-up box seems different to what I remember although its recorded that its 41 days since I last defragmented.

Since my last defrag I have uninstalled a program called "Advanced Uninstaller Pro 2003" which caused me lots of problems and as I remember this program had its own disk cleaner and I wondered if it could have changed any settings in the registry to stop Disk defragmenter working.

Of coarse this might have nothing to do with it but I have no idea what to do as everything else seems to be running o'K.


  AndySD 02:15 10 Feb 2005

Try running it in safe mode or use Diskeeper Lite click here

  OldRed 02:36 10 Feb 2005

Hi AndySD thanks for that I will try it but do you mean to run Disk Defragmenter while in safe mode and is that likely to cause any other probs. Its just that its something I've never had to use before and so am wary, and is Diskkeeper Lite a replacement for the defragmenter.



  AndySD 03:14 10 Feb 2005

Yes run the defrag in safe mode...and it wont cause any other problems.

Windows defragmenter is an earlier version of Diskeeper. It works with no problems with windows and is much faster.

  Jackcoms 07:04 10 Feb 2005

Or you can try running disk defrag in normal mode but with your AV software disabled.

  OldRed 22:47 11 Feb 2005

AndySd & Jackcoms thanks for your help

I ran the disk defragmenter in safe mode and it worked fine. Thank You.

Before booting into safe mode I closed most of the software that runs at startup including the AV & Firewall software and tried running the disk defragmenter again like "Jackcoms" asked me to try but it made no difference but thanks it was worth a try.

I suppose my next question is why will it run in safe mode and not in normal mode and also would I be better downloading Diskeeper Lite and using that instead of the original software.

Regards OldRed.

  FelixTCat 22:57 11 Feb 2005

When you have both windows and all your other programs on a single partition, defrag has major problems. It starts and then it finds that files have changed, so it restarts; finds files have changed and restarts; etc, etc. The bigger the drive and the more on it, the less likely it is to complete.

Running defrag in Safe mode is one workaround. Since few drivers etc are loaded in Safe mode, there is much less going on on the disk.

Another workaround is to use the defrag program from Win ME which works much better. I will come back in a moment with a link.

  Eargasm 23:04 11 Feb 2005

Diskeeper lite is your best option click here

  FelixTCat 23:05 11 Feb 2005

Here it is: click here

Go to the bottom of the page to The instructions are in the file.

  OldRed 23:24 11 Feb 2005

FelixTCat & Eargasm

Thank you for all the info and links.

I'me spoilt for choice its much appreciated.



  THE TERMINATOR 02:11 12 Feb 2005

Also, if you have virus checkers, and screensavers running at the same time as disk defragmenter, these programs change your drive and set disk defragmenter to start again....TT

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