Help with Digital TV Switchover

  rawprawn 09:49 10 Sep 2011

We are in the throes of switching over to digital tv (started 7th finish 21st September) We have a Samsung Series 5 LED TV. Suddenly small square icons have appeared down the left hand side of the screen and half way across the bottom. They seem to be "Licenses" and show these icons LEDTV, Crystal TV, HDMI 2, Freeview, CI +1, SAOR View etc I cannot get rid of them although they all disappear when I change station but then return. I have been through the handbook and pressed about every button on the remote. Any ideas please digital TV is a whole new world to me. RP

  eedcam 09:58 10 Sep 2011

At aguess these look like input or TV stations Saor is Ireland ithink you posibly have a display button or choice on the remote or in themain menu.Can you highlight and select any of these Items if so jus choose the freeview one.Also let us kn ow the tv model spmeone may have it or we can look it up for you

  eedcam 10:01 10 Sep 2011

Just found this on google From the tools menu you can select E-POP and switch it to off. That should take those icons off.

  Terry Brown 10:01 10 Sep 2011

As the process has just started, I would think that they are testing various systems for your area to find the best cover.

I assume you have a fairly good reception and your TV recieves Freeview.

I would wait until the switchover is complete (21 September)and see what the end result is.

If you are in a poor reception area, you might need a booster box (about £10)


  rawprawn 10:17 10 Sep 2011

Terry Brown and eedcam, the icons are not interactive at all, I think probably Terry Brown is correct and I will wait until the process is finished. We have very poor reception here and already have a booster, Thank you both for your input.

  eedcam 11:15 10 Sep 2011

Are you saying this dont work From the tools menu you can select E-POP and switch it to off. That should take those icons off.

  robin_x 11:41 10 Sep 2011

Reception issues: Dropouts/pixellating:

Our un-amplified aerial on our semi-D chimney feeds into the living room.

We live in a 'dip' and it requires two boosters.

SLx 2way (1 used) to feed the 4way which then runs from living room to bedrooms/dining room/conservatory.

After the 21st, your Transmitter powers will be set on maximum. If you still have problems, check your connectors and cables and behind wall plates for good connection. Take out any 'Y-splitters' if you have them (they halve the signal).

Check signal strength AND quality (SignalNoise SNR) in the menus of your equipment

Then consider an extra booster. Tesco also sell the 2 way (branded as Technika).

Note some channels transmit at lower power. BBC and ITV channels are the strongest.

A copy of Radio Times is useful since all the channel numbers are listed. Most listings don't print them.

Digital TV signals are transmitted in just the same way as analogue. But analogue problems just increase the 'snow' which you may not even notice. Digital receivers get to a point where the noise causes them to 'give up' and stop decoding. ie dropout.

  spuds 11:58 10 Sep 2011

In my location of the country, the process of change-over started and is now apparently finished. During that change-over period we had to re-tune the equipment (done via remote) on two occasions. Depending on what station was being picked up, we still had on occasions various 're-tune' messages. On completion of the change-over, all now seems well, except that we have lost one distant regional channel that we once received!.

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