Help with dial up connection please

  Never again 15:58 02 Feb 2007

I have a friends pc running windows xp and she can't get onto the internet via dial up.

There was a tesco dial up connection running at one time but this ceased working and so she has asked me to try and sort it out.

I have tried to set up a copy of my dial up connection using the connect to the internet wizard but get a network configuration error message saying "unable to create the specified connection. this can be caused by not enough memory or insufficient disk space"

She has 512mb ram and 14bg free on her 40gb hard drive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  dms05 17:27 02 Feb 2007

You might try a software approach by going to *CONNECTIONS* and selecting *ALL*. This will show you all the connections installed on the PC. Highlight the *Dial Up* option and right click then select Delete. If their are more than one Dial Up connections delete those the same way. Now select *Create a New Connection* and follow the instructions.

Have you tested the Modem/cable? If that's faulty then it's a hardware problem and the equipment will need replacing.

Good luck!

  Never again 18:25 02 Feb 2007

There are no connections listed in the network connections folder at all.

That's what doesn't make sense to me I don't know where they have gone as she had a working tesco network connection at some point.

and for the reason above windows won't let me create a new connection

  Never again 18:30 02 Feb 2007

I've just run the network troubleshooter and scanned my system and its failed on every count.

most of them are listed as wmi errors and it says "unable to connect with wmi namespace Win32_computersystem" or "Win32_operatingsystem".

Have to go now but I'll check again when I get home.


  dms05 21:07 02 Feb 2007

Try Googling 'unable to connect with wmi namespace Win32_computersystem' and you'll see lots of entries. A quick look indicates it's very complicated and most people don't manage to solve the problem. One suggestion that *might* work was to restart DCOM.

  howard64 18:41 03 Feb 2007

try removing the modem if it is a separate card boot the pc without it and switch off. Now insert the modem if possible in a different slot and switch on. With luck it will be found and installed.

  Never again 22:22 03 Feb 2007

I'll try removing and reinstalling the modem tomorrow and post back.

I think my friend wants to ebay it after she has saved her data as she has just got a new laptop.

If this is the case then would it be worth a format.

I think she may also be looking to use it as a base unit to connect a wireless router to in order that she can use her laptop wirelessly anywhere in the house, although I haven't connected it to my router yet to see if it works - do you think this is this viable?

  dms05 09:18 04 Feb 2007

You won't need a 'base station' for the WiFi Router. Just connect the WiFi Router to the ADSL line and the laptop will find it and connect (assuming you've set up the WiFi section of the router). The way you seem to be envisaging is to use Internet Sharing and that isn't necessary.

  Never again 21:10 20 Feb 2007

Thank you all for your assistance.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the modem but that did not solve the problem.

I managed to trace the problem to some of the the network settings being turned off in control panel/ admin tools/ services.

How can I tell which ones are supposed to be automatic?

I don't know how the settings were changed from automatic to manual and my friend is not admitting anything - except that "it must have been a virus"??

I've downloaded AVG and it came back all clear.

Everythoing seems to be ok now and her dial up settins are working ok.

Thanks again.

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