Help to diagnose possible problem with Antec EA-650 PSU

  Chippychap 01:52 07 Jan 2013

Hi Guys, Am waiting delivery of a new PC but already would like to upgrade it. First on my list was new PSU, 450watts up to 650 in order to futureproof it. Have bought an Antec EA-650 Green EarthWatts Series 6500W Power Supply Unit with 80 PLUS Bronze certified PSU. So far so good but the PSU has been returned by its original purchaser and I got it from Fleabay from a reputable dealer in such returns. And breathe...... What tests can I make prior to fitting to allow me to find out what, and if, something is wrong? I know they do not come with kettle leads so the one used by orig buyer may have been duff; he may have not fancied the job of fitting it, may not have been UP TO the job and yadda yadda yadda. Apart from "I cannot believe you wish to damage a new PC with scrap stuff" any advice or help welcome please. I bought the PC whilst sale prices were good. I bought a machine that could be upgraded as soon as the money was available and I would not wish to pay full whack for the Antec. And that, your honour, is the case for the defense.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:56 07 Jan 2013

Kettle leads are not fitted they are just plugged in to the relevant port,be it monitor,PSU or whatever.

As to tests if you wanted to get yourself one of these? Ebay. But to be quite honest as you have not told where you bought the Antc PSU apart from that it was Ebay but was it from say Dabs or Ebuyer who both have sites on Ebay.

A link to the actual sale would be useful.

  Chippychap 09:30 07 Jan 2013

I'm sorry, I meant lead not supplied with the PSU. Antec have no control of the lead you use, long shot I know. The tester looks like a nifty little beastie

This is the sale it came from

He also offers a returns feature should I be disappointed. I was going to use a multimeter to just test that the power is getting though to all connectors. Thank you.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:00 07 Jan 2013

Seller looks OK and it was certainly a good price and the return policy is reasonable. So I suspect the PSU will be fine.

The tester is useful, I belong to another forum where we buy and sell components and like to say that a PSU that I may want to sell is fully tested so these things can be useful.

By the way excellent brand Antec and do make quality PSU's, enjoy.

  Chippychap 10:03 07 Jan 2013

Thank you for that Chronos. Any chance of a link to the "other" forum? Have a good day and thank you again for your help


  Chronos the 2nd 10:35 07 Jan 2013

Bit-Tech. But you will not see the marketplace as you need to have at least 75 posts before it becomes available to you. It is a useful forum to be a member of as some companies have a presence on it (Scan, CCL)and again once you have a certain amount of posts you can lit your user name to your account with these companies and get free postage. So very useful. If you join I am KRONOS there.

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