Help with detecting hdd.

  crazy diamond 02:18 24 Sep 2005

Until recently I've been using a 10gb hdd,but have decided to add a 80gb as a slave.However,during boot up my pc hangs on the 'Detecting Primary Slave'line.Please tell me{or give me a link} what I need to to make my pc detect the additional drive.The connections are all okay as are the jumper settings.Btw,although it's a used drive,I've been assured that it's sound.

Many thanks,

  AndySD 02:55 24 Sep 2005

What is the make of the new drive?

  wobblymike 06:57 24 Sep 2005

You may have a BIOS problem - as above we need the make of your drive.
To verify go into BIOS and make sure your Primary Slave is set to auto detect (might have been set to not installed). If it still hangs take it out and set the jumper to capacity clip, this will limit the drive to 32GB, reinstall and see if it is detected now - if so your problem is your BIOS is unable to see drives of geater than 32 GB, a common problem with older mobos. To get around this you can use a disc utility but we need to know your drive manufacturer to determine which one please post back with this info.

  crazy diamond 17:38 24 Sep 2005

Hi guys,
Thanks for your replies.
The new drive is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80GB ATA/133 HDD.{Got this info. from the label.}

  keith-236785 18:37 24 Sep 2005

the drive sofrware for maxtor drives is maxblast3, this is a very powerfull application and should be used with care, it is possible to erase your Main hard drive by mistake. maxblast only insists on ONE drive being a maxtor so dont think you are safe if you have a different make,,,, please be careful.

before doing the maxblast, try the drive without the jumper fitted. dont think it will make a difference but i have had to use this on older drives before....though the diamondmax9 is not an old drive, your motherboard maybe and it might just help. worth a try for nothing.

another thing to try is to swap the new drive for the existing one, setting the jumper as master and see if that helps. if it works on the primary channel then two things are possible,

1, the drive is not enabled in the bios (as wobblymike suggested)

2, you have a faulty IDE cable which isnt allowing the second drive to be read.

  crazy diamond 19:39 24 Sep 2005

Many thanks Paperman,
The 2 drives{Master & slave} I'm currently using Maxtor Plus 8 10gb each.The original slave is the one I want to upgrade.In it's present state,everything boots as it's should,so I don't think there's a cable problem.It's when I fit the new drive{as a slave} that things go wrong.I have also removed the cable from both the smaller drives and just had the big one connected as a master but then the boot-up hangs on 'Detecting Primary Master'.If this a fixable BIOS problem,please tell me what I need to do.
Have you got any more info. on the maxblast3 you mentioned,like what it does and where I can get from?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 24 Sep 2005

Check Master/Slave Jumper Configuration

Jumper settings are very important when configuring an ATA (IDE) hard drive.

Do Not have either drive set to cable select (CS)

Primary drive set as master, second drive as slave

Check BIOS is set to Auto detect.

Drives over 32 GB on older systems

If your drive is greater than 33.8 GBytes, your system BIOS may freeze or lockup at Power On Self Test (POST). If the BIOS does not freeze, it may show the wrong capacity for the drive. There are three methods to overcome this limitation:

* Update your motherboard's BIOS
* Purchase a 3rd party controller card
* Apply a DDO (Disk Drive Overlay)

click here*&p_li=&p_topview=1

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 24 Sep 2005
  crazy diamond 19:56 24 Sep 2005

Wow,Fruit Bat /\0/\.
That is one seriously helpful link.Thank you.
Right, I'm going to be offline for a while! It looks as though I've got a busy time ahead.So the green tick could be some while yet.

  pipedream 20:09 24 Sep 2005

Have you fitted a 32GB limit jumper as wobblymike suggests above? - your PC should then recognise the drive but only 32GB of it, MaxBlast will allow you to access all of it.

  crazy diamond 20:12 24 Sep 2005

All these options....Thank you Pipedream.
It's fab having you guys out there.

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