Help! Despracy kicking in!

  CPUNerd 22:34 06 Aug 2010

Ok I'm currently on my iPod, because when I come to turning my laptop on a message comes up saying "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" and the only things I can acess are F2 Setup & ESC popup menu, Please help! Thanks -Alex

  DieSse 22:37 06 Aug 2010

Press F2 setup, and check that you have the correct boot device selected. This would normally be your first hard drive.

If the correct device is selected, then presumably something is up with your hard drive - corruption or some kind of failure.

Have you left a CD/DVD or floppy disk in the drive?

  PalaeoBill 22:46 06 Aug 2010

Or a USB memory stick left plugged in that it is trying to boot from.

  CPUNerd 22:52 06 Aug 2010

Well, the hard drive is selected and there is no CD/DVD inside so it must be the hard drive, I have some other old laptops that I don't use so could I use one of those HardDrives as a replacement even though they are a different make laptop?

  CPUNerd 23:06 06 Aug 2010

Also, is there a way to fix a corrupt Hard Drive?

  DieSse 23:32 06 Aug 2010

"could I use one of those HardDrives as a replacement even though they are a different make laptop?"

Yes, as long as they have the correct interface. Old ones will be IDE, newer ones probably SATA.

"Also, is there a way to fix a corrupt Hard Drive?"

If it's just a software corruption, then a repair re-install of windows may fix it.

Also - i fixed a couple of laptos that wouldn't boot by simply removing and refitting the hard drives. One had been dropped, and the probable cause of not booting was a contacts proble on the mail driver connector.

  DieSse 23:35 06 Aug 2010

Another thing - if it's a SATA drive, and the BIOS has been changed, on some motherboards this may prevent the SATA drive from being seen by the boot process. Check if there is a configuration setting which makes a SATA drive look like an IDE drive.

  robin_x 00:39 07 Aug 2010

I made a live Ubuntu USB stick and changed my BIOS to check USB then CD/DVD/then c drive

Since I only occasionally use Ubuntu my main boot throws up "Master Boot Record Error. Press any key."

Windows then boots normally,

Had me worried first few times.

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