HELP - DELL Monitor issues - What to do next?

  UK-2000 15:20 24 Sep 2007

Hi All,

I would value some urgent help.

I have bought an Inspiron 531 Desktop last week. It comes with a Dell SP1908FP 19-inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor (Truelife™ gloss screen) and has a graphic card: Integrated nVidia® GeForce® 6150 LE graphics.

I’m quite disappointed by this Dell SP1908FP monitor.

It’s ok when viewing photos but when I use Microsoft Words or read the newspapers on the internet, the letters look rather grainy

You see at the office, I use a 19-inch Dell “ULTRA SHARP” 1907FP which seems far better….and from my reading, it seems to be a digital screen.

From my understanding the SF1908FP is an analog screen.

What I’m not too sure:

(1) Is it a manufacturer’s problem with my current monitor, and should I ask for a replacement one from DELL? Can’t be a major monitor problem because the screen is doing ok…it's the grainy appearance that’s troubling me.

(2) Would you expect documents to look rather more grainy on an 19 inch screen, if I’m used to a higher spec monitor like the Dell “ULTRA SHARP” 1907FP?

One of my work colleagues tell me that both monitors should not be dramatically different…but I beg to differ.


  DieSse 15:45 24 Sep 2007

If the text looks grainy, it probably needs Clear-Type enabling in the Display Properties.

Otherwise, perversely due to the monitors clarity, text can look grainy. Clear-Type uses anti-aliasing to smooth out the "dottiness".

  silverous 16:01 24 Sep 2007

+1 to what Diesse said - I always end up turning that off. The dell value monitors are pretty good IMHO.

  UK-2000 16:53 24 Sep 2007

Hi there,

I'm still at work at the moment.

Will try this this evening.

How do you go to Display properties? Please give me a step by step set of are dealing with a "computer beginner level" person.

So, I do I need to enable or disable this "clear type" enabling feature.


  DieSse 17:16 24 Sep 2007

Right click on an empty part of the desktop (ie not on an icon)

A menu appears - click Properties

A window pops-up headed Display Properties

Click the Appearance tab

Click the Effects button

Make sure there's a tick in the box "Use the following method etc etc"

Click the arrow at the end of the box and select Clear Type.

Tick OK on all the windows until they're gone.

It should now look better.

  silverous 17:29 24 Sep 2007

Conversely sometimes I find it better to turn it off as it can look fuzzy when on. It varies, some PCs I've switch cleartype off, some I have it on.

Also, make sure that you have your resolution set to the "native" resolution of the monitor. I'm guessing it is either 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (probably the former) on that monitor. If you have it set to say 800x600 that can look fuzzy.

  UK-2000 18:17 24 Sep 2007

I'm at home now.

Its worse without clear type.

Actually clear type was on by default on Microsoft Vista.

But even with clear type, its not that great.

32 bits
75 Hz refresh rate

Do you think the "Ultrasharp" or analog v.s digital screen makes a big difference?


  silverous 09:10 25 Sep 2007

Doesn't sound right to me. I've got a value dell monitor at work, and it is absolutely fine. That said, I can't think of what else you can do software-wise.

Do you have another monitor? If it is bugging you that much it might be worth selling this one on ebay and getting one that meets your requirements.

  UK-2000 16:46 25 Sep 2007

Dear Silverous,

I agree that something does not seem right.

The monitor at work although "ultrasharp" is still connected using the blue VGA cable, so its receiving analog data. My current DELL at home should be equally good I think. Am I correct?

Dell has given me the option of sending me a new (similar) monitor.

Do you think its worth a try?

It would involve me taking 2 days off work, one day for the delivery and another one for the original monitor to be picked.


  silverous 19:17 25 Sep 2007

The ultrasharp will be better than yours if yours is a "value" monitor. Why don't you ask Dell if you can pay the extra and get your monitor replaced with an ultrasharp model ? Failing that, yes why not try a replacement.

  UK-2000 19:42 25 Sep 2007

I would if I could but it would cost me an extra £150 for the cheapest ultrasharp monitor...a pretty hefty jump.


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