Help - Database problem

  wee eddie 15:36 13 Mar 2004

Suddenly it says it's a "a member of a Replica set" and that it will "expire" if I don't "synchronise it with another member of the replica set" in the next 3 days.

See here for more details: click here

Sorry in advance for two threads, but no one has put anything by way of advice on the other one, and I'm becoming a little panicky in case I loose the lot.

  anon1 16:14 13 Mar 2004

You forgot to mention here what the database software is but if it is ms access this may be of help click here

  pj123 16:17 13 Mar 2004

You haven't mentioned on either thread what operating system or what database programme you are using.

  anon1 16:18 13 Mar 2004

This may help too lots of stuff to read through
click here

  VoG II 16:19 13 Mar 2004

Stated in the click here - MS Access, Ofice XP. Then later Access 2000 format is mentioned.

  anon1 16:24 13 Mar 2004

clip from another forum "Anonymous replica have a known synchronization bug. The fix is to install Jet 4.0 SP 5. See detailed installation instructions at click here. This fix applies to both Access 2000 and Access XP." All these were found using google search

  Diemmess 16:28 13 Mar 2004

Have shied away so far, from all things tagged XP, so this is guessing on my part.

If Office XP is like Works for Windows then, the days of grace seem to be linked with how long you have before your XP (Simplified version of Access) stops bothering to play with the database from an "old version" of Access. Of course if "sir would like to spend a load-a-money for a shiny new copy of Access or better still Office XP"

Sorry if I'm talking rubbish, but just in case, can you export your database as tables anyway and keep these safe until you know what is working after the computer blows the full time whistle?

  wee eddie 18:43 13 Mar 2004

I have just remembered that last week I did one of my periodic chores and downloaded another Office Service Pack.

As soon as I get home I intend to check my Laptop which is Running Office XP on Windows XP but without the Service Pack Downloads

anon1: What Forum was it? I'd like to read the thread. If you don't want to be blackballed for high treason, better e-mail it to me.

  wee eddie 20:19 13 Mar 2004

Possibly when I converted from Office '97 to XP.

I've just checked on a very old back-up and I get the same box when I open the database.

Not much I can do but hope that the word "expire" does not refer to the database dying on me.

  anon1 12:03 14 Mar 2004

Cannot remember the forum sorry to say I just thought the piece may have been relevant. I found it during a google search.

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