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  PC User 17:17 29 Dec 2007


I am looking for PC, mainly for editing HD video.
Max £1000. Hopefully less, including monitor

Can anyone advise on:

Processor: ?speed, ? quad core
Graphics card (no gaming)
RAM: ?How much better is Corsair RAM
OS: XP Pro/ Vista 32 or Vista 64

Thank you

  Diemmess 17:43 29 Dec 2007

Honestly.... you can save a lot of money or have a very high spec computer by buying a readymade.

Processor - don't waste money on 64 bit Quad Core - (only my opinion) there is little about that can use it.

Graphics and RAM already matched and adequate with computers from £400 to £700 - minimum 2Gb

Vista if you must!
The high volume firms automatically install it without an option.
They also install all sorts of software which you may not want (Works and Norton).
XP if you prefer a known and v.g. OS.

If you want XP (and I would) then this narrows down the field of suppliers. I know Novatech have this option, and there are others.

Overall the choice is huge and unless you have your mind already made up, stay with a ready made PC to suit your budget, rather than spend extra money to have someone devote a working day to your requirements.

  sunny staines 17:48 29 Dec 2007

if your not gaming go for a graphics card with a heatsink in lieu of a fan for less noise.

  citadel 18:52 29 Dec 2007

quad core, 2g 1066 speed ram any well kown brand, and a good monitor.

  Johnnybee 01:19 30 Dec 2007

Have a look at the Computing section on eBay - there's literally hundreds to choose from, with specs ranging from budget-end cheapies to full-blown gaming PC's.
Not only do most of the sellers do a good deal on price, they also give a full guarantee and a choice of Vista or XP, which has got to be a bonus!

  PC User 10:07 30 Dec 2007

thanks for the advice so far.

the HD format I will be editing is AVCHD, which I understand is processor hungry.

What I mean to ask is

1)do I need say more than 2 GHz Core 2 duo

2)is 2 GB RAM enough? clocked at more than 666 Mhz

3) do I need the latest nVIDIA graphics card 1.e 8800 GT or would something like the 8400/8600 suffice

4) Is Vista 64 a better OS for deling with that HD format

sorry for so many questions

many thanks

  Fingees 10:27 30 Dec 2007

Itmay be worthwhile to look at Nvatech.

click here

Look at one up from bottom of page.


All the best

  100andthirty 10:32 30 Dec 2007

if you're editing video and need to render the otput into different formats it's worth researching whether your editing, renering software can use multi cores. If if can then the dual core/quad core debate is worth having - othewise stick to fast dual core!

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