Help with creating a form in MS Outlook 2003

  cheechman 15:37 19 Mar 2006

I want to create a form and populate some information from an existing spreadsheet (using mail merge) with the end result being people can fill in missing information and it be straigtforward to insert missing data into spreadsheet using the export function.

Can anybody let me know if this can be done?


  cheechman 20:27 19 Mar 2006


  Taff™ 20:47 19 Mar 2006

I do something similar for a Society. Our database is web based and personal records are accessable by the members but once a year I get an Excel spreadsheet with a snapshot of the information.

I then produce a Word mail merge document that reminds the members what information we currently hold, how they can change it online (Personal Passwords)and how to reply if they don`t have online access.

This document is then e-mailed to those members who have internet access or mailed to those who don`t. I have done this with Office XP and Office 2003.

You`ll have to give me a bit more info on your requirements because I don`t know much about the Export Function and how it will work with your suggestion. How are you communicating with your people?

  cheechman 22:00 19 Mar 2006

Hi Taff

I want to communicate via email.

I was hoping to populate information into a form rather than having an attachment.

The export functin isn't as important as I am sure I could find a work around.

The main issue is that I want a person to open an email. Click a checkbox or drop down box and send the form back to me.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


  Taff™ 00:03 20 Mar 2006

I think what I`m currently doing is slightly different in that our members control their own data online however there are those who we post to (who don`t have an e-mail address) and they basically write their amendments and post it back to us. We then amend online which is reflected next time we download another snapshot of the online database.

I`ll give it some thought tomorrow though because I can see some advantage for us when we ask for details not currently held on our database.

  cheechman 11:55 05 Apr 2006

Taff - Did you manage to come up with any suggestions for this?

  Taff™ 08:49 06 Apr 2006

Sorry, I`m working in Dubai for a week so I haven`t had time to tackle the form part of it. Just before I left however I sent a survey to our members as described above.

I am determined to go to the next stage though so will keep in touch. Could I suggest you drop me a personal message and perhaps I can sample you what we do now to see if it helps you.

Back in UK late Sunday. Looking forward to a decent beer!

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