help... this is to crazy

  Lakunso 14:40 21 Mar 2008

hi all

im having a problem, and i have the same problem on 2 computers... well the problem is i start the computer and got a bios auto-recovering message.. i waited 10min but nothing happend. I restarded the computer and the monitor doesent go on, i tryed to reset with CMOS (jumper) and battery but the same thing happens over and over again. im having the same problem on both computers...

Motherboard: GIGABYTE 8S648FX-RZ

sorry for my bad english :)

  woodchip 14:58 21 Mar 2008

Do you share files on these computers?

If so it could be a Virus

  Lakunso 15:00 21 Mar 2008

no i dont...

  rickf 17:07 21 Mar 2008

Can you get in Safe Mode?

  Lakunso 19:39 21 Mar 2008

no i cant do anything.. i turn on the computer and i got no monitor nothing...

  Lakunso 19:41 21 Mar 2008

the graphic card has no problem i tryed it out on my main computer

  HXP 20:06 21 Mar 2008

Did you unplug from mains when you removed CMOS battery ? If not isolate machine from all power by unplugging from mains ( not just switching off ) and try again.

  HXP 20:09 21 Mar 2008

Leave nachine powered off and cmos battery out for 20 mins ( or as long as you can ) just to ensure cmos reset takes place.

  setecio 21:06 21 Mar 2008

Pull out ALL cables except the monitor, boot and see what happens.

Then pull out also the monitor and see by the noises / lights if anything is different.

  lotvic 21:22 21 Mar 2008

Do you have one monitor or two?
Have you tried a different monitor?
Have you tried a different lead?

Did you check the fuse in the mains plug for the monitor?

Is the monitor yellow (stand by) light on?

  Lakunso 22:02 21 Mar 2008

thx all 1st lotvic yes i have tried 3 ^^ just to be sure. setecio same :( HXP i did this for 30min but same... now i dont get power on board i think the problem was the mother board

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