Help with correct oriantation of IDE cables

  alltime 19:19 08 Jun 2004

I have two hard drives, a cd rewriter, cd rom, zip drive & floppy drive Plus a dual channel(Pci)controller, With a primary and secondry ide connection. On the motherboard there are two ide connections Primary & secondary. Can the computer helpline please advise me which should be slave and master, and how it should be wired correctly.

  MartinT-B 19:26 08 Jun 2004

Floppy will have it's own IDE connection

Put both HDD (Hard Disk Drives) on the Primary IDE as master/slave

Is the Zip IDE?

If so, You will only be able to connect 2 of the 3 (Zip, CD, CD-R/W)to the secondary IDE, and If you want the Zip, I would personally connect the CD-R/W as the master and the Zip as slave to the secondary IDE and drop the basic CD drive.

If not, I'd still only connect the CD rewriter, and leave space for a DVD/DVD rewriter at a later date. The CD rewriter will read CDs as well as the basic CD drive anyway.

  AcidBurn7uk 19:34 08 Jun 2004

Don't know weather this true, but you should always put your hard-drive/s at the END of the IDE cable.

  MartinT-B 19:39 08 Jun 2004

The end of the IDE cable is the Master, The middle connector is the slave. In an ideal world, you would have both HDDs as masters on the primary and secondary IDE connectors.

However, you can OCCASIONALLY get conflicts if you are running a CD or DVD on the same IDE connector as a HDD if the HDD is in use. It's very rare (usually only when backing up) that you will use both HDDs at the same time.

My advice (and it may be wrong) is to put both HDDs on the same IDE connection.

  Fruit Bat 19:49 08 Jun 2004

Putting cd onto same ide as HDD can slow down HDD to CD speed so go with post 2 from MartinT-B.

IDE sockets on Mobo. will be marked 1 + 2 or primary secondary and pin 1 should also be marked.

Sometimes slot in one side of IDE socket to prevent incorrect insertion.

Red stripe on cable goes to pin 1. If wrong then PC will not boot and maybe beep at you.

Essential HDD with Op system is on Mobo primary IDE.

Recommend HDD master and slave on MObo primary, CD RW master cd rom slave on Mobo IDE secondary, other stuff on PCI card.


  alltime 19:55 08 Jun 2004

How would i tell if the zip drive is IDE? I know it has a 40 pin connr and 4 pins for the power and 6 pins to make it master or slave but dont know which is which. thanks for the help all.

  MartinT-B 20:02 08 Jun 2004

Re: Zip: If it has the 40 pins etc., it'll be IDE.

Do you know make and model of all your drives?

If so, please post and we'll be able to search out which pins need to be 'covered' to make them master or slave drives - unless of course you have manuals....

  alltime 21:56 08 Jun 2004

MartinT-B Many thanks for your help.The drives information as follows.
Mainboard 4 years old, Intel SE440BX2
HDD New Samsung SP0411N 40Gb
HDD Maxtor 1EDC-1B62 13GB (The 1EDC could be the serial No)
Zip Iomega ZIP 100
CD/DVD Hitachi GD- 2500
CD/RW Sony CRX216E
Floppy Generic NEC
HOpe this makes sence,

  alltime 22:00 08 Jun 2004

Should have said the board is a pentium 3 500mhz
with 3x 128mb memory modules and running windows me on the samsung hdd with the maxtor formatted but dont know how to put windows on it at the moment.

  Fruit Bat 22:10 08 Jun 2004

click here= for zip jumper settings says usually shipped with jumpers in slave position


  alltime 22:24 08 Jun 2004

Fruit Bat.
Brilliant thanks for the link very useful.

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