Help confirm my cpu identity

  greybeard 10:49 28 Nov 2005

"My computer/ properties" indicates - GenuineIntel x86 family 6 model 8 stepping 10.

I've googled for info, and I think this means that the processor is either pentium3 800M or 1G.
Could anyone confirm, or put me right please.
Many thanks.

  Press Man 11:04 28 Nov 2005


Try click here this should give you what you need and more.

  MAJ 11:05 28 Nov 2005

CPU ID. click here

  AndySD 11:07 28 Nov 2005

Intel Processor Check click here

Intel Processor Check click here

  Belatucadrus 11:11 28 Nov 2005

And if that isn't enough, there's always CPU-Z click here

  greybeard 11:13 28 Nov 2005

Sorry, I should have made it clearer. The cpu in question is in an offline machine running 98se - the compaq mentioned in previous threads.

I have no method of transferring info to the compaq from this online machine which is running xp, other than writing it to cd - no floppy drive on either m/c.

  Stuartli 11:22 28 Nov 2005

I have exactly the same line in System Information but it adds 997MHz.

It's a Socket 370 1GB PentiumIII CPU in my case.

  MAJ 11:23 28 Nov 2005

So write CPU-Z (CPUid) to disk and run it, greybeard. Or have you tried, Start > Run, type 'dxdiag' (without the quotes) and click OK and see what it says on the "System" tab?

  ACOLYTE 11:37 28 Nov 2005

You could always take it out and look on the CPU itself,there should be a code number to identify it.

  greybeard 18:01 28 Nov 2005

Thanks all. I'll assume I've got a1G until I find my way in and inspect the chip itself.

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