Help with computor rear connections

  sattman 19:34 12 Feb 2003

My computor has three mini 1.5mm connectors

Green, blue and pink

I am trying to connect a headset with mic this has two connectors showing pink, mic and black phones.

At present my speakers are matched into the green

If the pink connects to the pink the only one connector left is blue on the computor but it is marked as line in

I do not have a black connector or any symbols on my computor showing headphones.

Any one enlighten me on what the line in for.

  BrianW 19:38 12 Feb 2003

line in is usualy for inputs from external sources such as a record deck or hi-fi. You should be able to connect your mic input to it but may find that the signal strength is so low that you get a poor or distorted input. The safest thing is to check your PC manual or, if you havent got one, see if you can get one from the manfucturers website

  Wak 19:48 12 Feb 2003

Hi Sattman, from looking at my own comp, I would suggest that the pink mic plug goes in to the pink socket, the green socket is for the speaker connection and your black headphone plug should go in to the phones socket which you should find on one of the speakers.
I would assume that the blue line-in socket is for a lead from your Hi-Fi for when you record your favourite LPs, etc.

  sattman 19:57 12 Feb 2003

Thanks for instant help Brian and Wak.

Wak one of the speakers has the headphone diagram on it so it would seem that this is the place for it.

I just have to go purchase a extension lead because guess what? they have used a composite cable which only seperates when it gets to the connections Doh.

  Wak 21:33 12 Feb 2003

Mine used to be a composite lead until I split it right back to the volume control near the head set.

  Stuartli 22:22 12 Feb 2003

Usually speaker outlets go into the first (i.e. purple/lilac) socket.

  Wak 22:34 12 Feb 2003

My speaker lead does go to the first socket outlet as you suggest but mine just happens to be a lovely shade of green instead of lilac.
I suppose it depends which layout your motherboard follows.
Shouldn't they standardise on things like that??

  Migwell 23:26 12 Feb 2003

Why don't they standerdise amor things on computers to save on all those cables?

Thought one: Why have you never had the situation of plugging the mouse into the keyboard then plugging the K/board into the monitor and all the conections being carried by the monitor lead to the computer, this would be a tidy system,and a lot easier to put together than the mess we have today.

Thought two: Why have things like Windows never been put on a chip that we plug into the motherboard so we just need to plug in a new one instead op all this upgrading we do now by way of over-righting and important progs also on a chip, this would make the whole thing of copyright a none event. I remember my old BBC computer had a Word processer installed on a chip, and how many years back was that. We seem to be going backwards, not forwards don't we?

Have any of you out there got any simular ideas?

  Migwell 23:41 12 Feb 2003

Sorry about the spelling the keyboard has gone mad---just like me. Time to go to bed I think

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