Help! Computer slow when ealing with cd's /dvd's

  cheerup347 20:12 05 Jan 2007


im trying to sell my old computer...but its just started being fussy with discs and if it does read the disc...its very very slow with dealing with them.

is this just the dvd drive?


  Terry Brown 20:39 05 Jan 2007

How old is old ?

What DVD reading software are you using ?

A DVD will take longer to read data than a CD as there is more to read.

Is the hard drive nearly full ?

Has the hard drive been defragged ?

There are many reasons, but if you are selling it and the new owner knows of the problem, no problem.

You know of course that any software on the hard drive, and the CD's/DVD's that load it should go to the new owner.

  cheerup347 11:07 06 Jan 2007


the hard drive has just been formatted and a fresh copy of windows on their.

no software involved, in my computer sometimes it want to read a disc and sometimes it doesn't.

the hard drive has just the windows files on it.

i cannot sell it with the fault. i think i may need to buy a new dvd drive

but i want to try any suggestions before i buy one.


  cheerup347 11:08 06 Jan 2007

oh... and the compute isn't that old. about 1 year old.

  cheerup347 16:08 06 Jan 2007

any ideas?

  Technotiger 16:16 06 Jan 2007

Hi, sometimes it reads, sometimes it doesn't ...
perhaps a couple of goes with a cd cleaner disc in the drive, maybe just a bit of dirt on the laser, especially if the pc has been used in a smokers' environment.

  terryf 16:17 06 Jan 2007

Have you tried a cleaning disk? or going to device manager and uninstalling the drive and letting win find it again?

  cheerup347 18:38 06 Jan 2007


i will buy a cd cleaner and i have some compresed air i will try to get any dust thats in their out...

how do i go about uninstalling tit hen re-installing it?


  Technotiger 18:42 06 Jan 2007

You don't uninstall it, just 'play' the Cleaning CD a couple of time, even up to as many as five times or so.

  postie24 18:47 06 Jan 2007

Right click my computer icon,click properties,then hardware,then device manager.Right click the drive,and choose uninstall.Go back to desktop and reboot comp.Windows will install drive again


  Technotiger 18:48 06 Jan 2007

Ooops, I just noticed the previous response by terryf ... if the cleaning disc does not do the job, then try uninstalling/reinstalling.

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