HELP!!!! Computer freezes!

  RobbyD2 09:34 03 Sep 2003

Hi. Have a P4 2.0 ghz, 1024 ram, 80GB hdd, Audigy 2, radeon 9700 pro. All has been fine, until last night when the computer started freezing up completely. All i could do was turn it off.

I would turn it back on and would be fine, as if nothing happened, until it froze again. I got an error message once saying there had been a device failure, and that it was the 9700 pro drivers. Haven't tried reinstalling yet.

I put this card in a couple of weeks ago, and everything was working fine, with all games etc. When it froze for the first time, i was only on the internet - nothing to taxing!

Any ideas on how I go about solving this?


  Joe McG 09:36 03 Sep 2003


I know this may sound a little pat, but have you an up to date A/V, running in the background?.

  Ben Avery 09:38 03 Sep 2003

Try uninstalling the device and reinstalling it, try to ensure that you use the most up to date drivers available from the manufacturer's website too as they may have a "fix" for any problems which the software/drivers had in their original form.

Post back if it continues after this, or wait to see if you get any other suggestions in the meantime.


  RobbyD2 10:04 03 Sep 2003

Yes, Av is up to date...although a virus was one thought i had.

Will try reintalling card an drivers and see if that sorts it out. Assuming it doesn't keep crashing before I can do that!

Thanks for the advice!

  seancblack 11:35 03 Sep 2003

what motherboard do you have, alot of motherboards have problems with certain cards, and there are bios updates on the websites.

  RobbyD2 13:37 03 Sep 2003

not sure of the top of my head...have details of it at home. How would I go about updating the bios? Is it like a normal download and install?

  RobbyD2 23:14 03 Sep 2003

SORTED!!! Turned out to be a loose wire powering the fan on the graphics card. A quick wiggle and all is sorted.

thanks to those that responded!!

(PS If it turns out to be a really loose wire, is it easily repairable? Out of warranty, thats why!)

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