Help - Computer crashes when router is on!

  classic3903 12:04 03 Jul 2009

30 june 09
Help me – my computer crashes as soon as the router connects to it!
I can’t even ctrl-alt-delete – the screen freezes and I have to press the computer’s reset button – I can’t understand why this is happening, my ADSL and internet lights are solid, my phone line is fine. Any ideas greatly appreciated - I was supposed to go live June 2nd!

I took my hard drive to the computer shop a week ago and it worked ok with their router – and even the talk talk home page came up. I took it in to the shop again yesterday and took 2 different types of the 3 routers Talk Talk have sent me (just in case it was router faults – I got 3 delivered - 2 Huawei Echolife HG520 and 1 D-link DSL 2640 R. The shop tried the Huawei router and it was fine. The shop also checked the 10m Ethernet cable they sold me – no faults. The computer shop thought the only thing was that I put the Ethernet cable in the wrong hole – well it doesn’t fit in the dialup socket anyway… and no I didn’t plug the ADSL cable into the computer – it goes from microfilter to router. My dialup lead is black and the ADSL lead is grey, so no chance of mixing that up – and it would have a phone plug on one end anyway. Also my computer Is upstairs and the grey ADSL lead doesn’t reach.9m to the downstairs phone line.

The many times I phoned helplines – one person increased my bandwidth from 6 decibels to 13.1 decibels.- this is the only factor that I can think of that may affect an older pc – perhaps it can’t cope with the speed? Although at 6 decibels it was crashing too! The computer shop did upgrade my computer a few weeks ago and it worked fine there though..?
Another time I phoned the help line they looked into firewall settings, although I can’t remember exactly I think they checked if it was on/off and that didn’t seem an issue to them. Another helpline person tried to configure me with the click here. etc, and it was no use as I don’t have connection to begin with – I did try it with my dialup connection (but it never worked either). I have firefly pay as you go dialup – now on their backup 0845 number as my pips have run out. I am still surfing on dialup now, although the connection is a not always successful as it once was. Anything here that could be affecting it? I have deleted an old wannado setup program I found lurking in my folders that I never had used anyway… - anywhere else I should check?

I have tried many combinations upstairs with the yellow Ethernet cable and router, to everything downstairs ie the desktop computer, router and everything in between. I tried switching it on before, during or after the setup and go CD starts, still crashes…

My computer shop also suggested unplugging all the phones – no luck
My work’s laptop does not freeze when the router is switched on- although I don’t have an access password for it – will try that tomorrow – although it won’t prove anything???
I have never tried the master socket, but no one seems to think that’s an issue anyway.? Another factor is my monitor – an old cathode one – but I can’t imagine this is relevant!?

Under start – network connections my properties are:
LAN ADMtek AN983 10/100 PCi adapter (there is a red ‘X’ over the 2 monitor icon) location: PCI Slot 5 (PCI bus 0, device 12, function 0)
And dialup connections SupraExpress 56i Pro

  classic3903 12:06 03 Jul 2009

last night i ...
Downloaded SpyBot from my dialup through the PC mag CD. Did a scan and (although I couldn’t see an option for full/through sweep – should I and where is it in the options?) MediaPlex came up and was destroyed.

Then I -
Uninstalled the modem (although I think you said that was futile as it would reset itself), and at the same time I uninstalled the PCI bus ( I couldn't find the other one you mentioned? ooops)
Then it asked me to restart and then it crashed
" to finish removing your hardware, you must restart your computer"
Then I pressed reset button
Notice came up :
found new hardware
Primary IDE channel"

"cannot install this hardware- there was a problem installing this hardware: mass storage controller'
-An error ocurred during installation of this device

"The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the INF was written for windows 95 or later" Contact your hardware vendor…

Then :
Found new hardware: HPT370 UDMA/ATA 100 RAID controller

Then screen crashed !
I Reset again
-Desktop recovery –yes
Found new hardware: USB Root Hub

(Then Removed the PC Explorer Magazine CD from the drive)

“Found new hardware: keyboard (bought a new keyboard 3 days ago – so maybe that’s why it finally appeared?)

-Yes restore active desktop settings

The I went into start – internet properties – connections -LAN settings automatic configuration

Dialup test ok
Then the router -= Crash

I check windows firewall i-its off, yet in windows security ctr its on!?
Then I went into – ctrl panel – internet propertys

Changed the talk talk homepage to about: blank (just to try to wipe out any more talk talk settings)

Windows firewall enabled to O
-Fireflyuk connection
-Local area connection
(I unticked them)
I also noticed network connections LAN did not have an option to make default as the dialup did (although I already took dialup off as default )

Then I
Device mgr- uninstall LAN PCI etc
Then restarted

Found new hardware
Ehternet controller
And ADMTek – PCI adapter
Didn’t crash
Tried router - crashed

I am not sure where you refer to - what is an ethernet adapter and where could I plug it into the motherboard?

  classic3903 12:09 03 Jul 2009

i should add that my works laptop is surfing fine with my router and i am still using dialup on my destop at home

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