SMASHER 11:13 13 May 2005

Can anyone help. My computer has been shutting down automatically when im half way through either sending or typing a email or searching on the Web! It them reboots itself and i lose everything ive been doing! It has only recently been doing this and I dont know if its a problem with the computer itself or with my internet server? Ive had the computer over 3 years now. Im not very up to date with computer techonlogy and only know the basics so not sure where to start with fixing the problem! Anyone any advice!!

  ste_bla 12:45 13 May 2005

Is there a message at all? Is it a proper shut down or just on/ff eg power cut type of reboot? Do you have upto date Anti-Virus software? Is it a laptop? Does your PC get hot?

When you start it up type "shutdown -a" in start > run box this should stop most of the reason for windows shutting down but need more details

  SMASHER 06:24 19 May 2005

Thanks for your reply to my query. Still having the same problem. The computer is not hot as ive only just switched it on sometimes when it happens. It doesnt switch off just re-boots and starts again at the log in stage? It sometimes does show an error message on a full size black screen, but this is only for a couple of seconds and does not always show, not been able to read it. I have got a anti-virus called Norman? someone recommended it to me so down loaded it approx a year ago, but only just started having the problems. I have noticed though i do have a flashing icon in the bottom right of my screen stating Zanda is not running?? Not sure what that means. Hope this helps?
Ps computers not a lap top.

  Bdweller 07:27 19 May 2005

There is a virus that was making the rounds about two years ago that does this. May not be your exact problem, but it sounds like what I went through.

I think it was called Blaster. You could try searching for that, they have a solution.

Good luck!

  Sit On My Face 09:36 19 May 2005

Hi Smasher try this link........

click here

apparently Norman virus software is causing the problem.

Re-install it and things should work (hopefully)

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