Help With a Complicated System Restore (Acer)

  pilkingtonphil 20:57 13 Oct 2008

I own an Acer Aspire 5020 laptop which I purchased around three or four years ago. I have to completely restore the system ASAP. Unfortunately, I've hit on two problems:

(1) The two recovery cds that came with the computer say that I have to insert a "System Cd" first and then, when prompted, insert the recovery cds. However, my laptop didn't come with a "System Cd" and so these two recovery cds won't do anything. When I put them into the cd drive and open them they're full of image files. I thought that the reason for this was that instead of a "System Cd" my laptop came with the "Acer eRecovery" option and perhaps I could load the recovery cds through this. This brings me on to my net problem...

(2) My eRecovery seems to have disappeared. Usually it can be activated by pressing "Alt + F10". Not only does this not work but I can't find it anywhere. I don't think I deleted it myself. I think what may have happened was that when, a few years back, my laptop was having hardware problems (it was the hard drive) I sent it off to Acer and they repaired them. I'm thinking that while they were doing that they deleted the eRecovery option. I'm pretty sure the eRecovery option had something to do with a hard drive partition and although the computer says that there is a hard drive partition I think it may have been gotten rid of.

Sorry for such a long post, but its best to be thorough to save other people time. I'd really appreciate any input here, epecially if there is some way around this.


  tullie 21:01 13 Oct 2008

Have you put the cd in,then booted from it?
If you really need the Acer Software,its available from the website

  pilkingtonphil 21:09 13 Oct 2008

Yep, tried that, it doesn't boot up. It seems to really need this phantom "System Cd" to work.

I know that most of the neccesary software is available from the website but the Windows XP cd is built into the recovery cds so I can't do a system restore that way either...

  Slamdunka 21:34 13 Oct 2008

um on mine there is 3 cd's you should email acer if your still under warranty they may ship you out a new set ...Maybe

  pilkingtonphil 21:37 13 Oct 2008

My warranty expired ages ago. I think that you can get new ones for €50 but naturally I don't want to spend the money.
Besides I'm 99% sure that I didn't get the 3rd cd.

  birdface 21:53 13 Oct 2008

If you have a coa sticker on the laptop with the keycode on it .You can borrow an XP disc as long it is for the same edition as that on the Coa sticker.

  pilkingtonphil 22:09 13 Oct 2008

It looks like that's what I'll probably have to do, although I'm kinda reluctant as I'm in a hurry and not only will I have to go and find one but I presume I'll also have to reinstall all the drivers and stuff manually.

  baldydave 22:46 13 Oct 2008

You say it wont boot from cd - have you been into the bios and made sure the cd is set to boot first?

  pilkingtonphil 22:53 13 Oct 2008

Yep, I don't think that these cds work without using the "System Cd". At least thats what the instructions which came with the cds says...

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