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  elisa23 14:42 01 May 2008

Could someone please help me,I am still using dial up internet and want to connect and update to either adsl or wireless. I have a desktop only at the moment however will need to purchase 2 lap tops. One of these lap tops will need to be used for working on whilst away from home so would connecting to wireless modem be best for the lap top? I am really quite confused and not technical minded at all. I have heard people speaking about VOIP and would like to know about that also. If someone could explain the equipment I would need or give me any details on which way to turn I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 01 May 2008

In simple terms, what you want is Broadband.

This will be either ADSL (Bt etc) or Cable (Virgin); which you go with will depend on who provides your home telephone.

Then you can choose an ISP - internet service provider - if you have a BT line, then you choose BT, Tiscali, Orange, etc. Again, who to choose is up to you.

Lets take it that you have a BT line at present a you are on dialup:

When you get your phone line activated, you need a modem / router. This will allow you to connect your PC to the internet with either a cable or wirelessly.

You can connect the main PC to the modem via a wire; laptops can be connected via either wires or wirelessly - ie so-called wi-fi.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 01 May 2008

VOIP This is a means of making phone calls over the internet with a service such as Skype. Works great!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:06 01 May 2008

Most laptops come with built in wi-fi capability nowadays; if not, it's cheap and easy to add a wireless card.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:19 02 May 2008

Date: Fri, 02/05/2008 | 00:38

thank you for your help, just to confirm when you stated "You can connect the main PC to the modem via a wire" does this mean connect the main PC to ADSL or CABLE. and you said "laptops can be connected via either wires or wirelessly - ie so-called wi-fi" If I were to purchase a lap top with a wireless card - Would I still need to connect to an ISP for a wireless modem for the lap top, so that when I take the lap top away with I can connect up to the internet. THanks again for your help

Thanks for email but best to post here so they will be seen.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:24 02 May 2008

First query (as I understand it):

How you connect the PC to the internet will depend on the nature of your home phone. I assume it is BT as you have dial up.

You choose an ISP. Tell them to activate your line. Get a modem/router and connect your PC; the router can also have wireless capability so that you can connect a wireless enabled laptop.

Second query:

If you have a wi-fi enabled laptop, you can take take it away from home and connect wherever there is a wi-fi hotspot; many pubs offer free wi-fi as do McDonalds I believe.

You don't need broadband at home to use it away from home.

  elisa23 11:32 02 May 2008

thats great thanks for your patience and help.

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