HELP! Compatibility Issues

  arminmckidd 15:04 12 Dec 2007

Need urgent help with this one...
I have assembled components which i think will suit my needs. if theres anyone out there that can help with any compatibility issues and general advice, i would be most grateful! here are the specs+links:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz 95W G0 Stepping Retail 775
click here+(Retail+775)+?productId=28356)

Motherboard: ECS 650iSLIT-A nForce 650 LGA Socket 775 Motherboard
click here

Memory: GeIL 4GB PC2-6400 Black Dragon (2x2GB)
click here

Video (graphics)Card: Gigabyte GeForce 8500 GT Silent Fanless 512MB DDR2 HDTVDV PCIe
click here

Hard Drives: Western Digital Caviar 500GB S300 16mb 7200rpm(x2)
click here

DVD Burners: LiteON LH-20A1S-10C 20x DVDRWRAM SATA Beige (x2)
click here

Case: Thermaltake Soprano SECC Silver, Window VB1000SWS
click here

MS Vista Ultimate (OEM) click here

Also, what kind of cabling is required?
and where can i find a powerful,quiet yet cheap power supply unit?

Thank you

  Totally-braindead 15:54 12 Dec 2007

Do you really need Vista Ultimate, buying Premium could save you a bit.
The only possible problem there might be is are you sure the memory is correct and is supported by the board? Personally I use Crucial for that as they guarantee it will work.
The CPU is supported by the board so thats no problem.
Having 2 DVD writers seems a bit overkill but I suppose its handy if one fails.
Apart from the memory issue, if there is one, it looks good.
I have to point out that the graphics card isn't all that good and if you play games you'd be better getting something better than a 8500.
For power supplies get a branded one and one with more power than you need.
Regarding cables it depends what the motherboard comes with. I tried downloading the manual from ECS but its very slow perhaps you could download it later and see. You will need 4 SATA cables if it only comes with 2 you will need to buy another 2, apart from that I don't think you would need anything else, unless I've overlooked something.

  arminmckidd 16:43 12 Dec 2007

thanks for the response 'totally braindead'

if it helps i will using the new system for web and software programming so a lot of memory and cpu capability would be needed.
i will also be using it for occasional gaming because of my new but high spec games.

my budget is in the region of no more than £850.


  woodchip 16:50 12 Dec 2007

Cheap PSU is NOT a good Idea after spending on that lot

  Totally-braindead 19:22 12 Dec 2007

If you will use it for gaming, in particular new games the 8500 is not suitable, its just not powerful enough and as woodchip says building a high end system like this and putting in a cheap power supply is not a good idea.

  arminmckidd 09:34 13 Dec 2007

thanks 'woodchip' and 'totally-braindead' for the advice!

Do you know where i can find a reasonably priced and powerful graphics card.
Also, how many watts (PSU) would be enough for my new system?

I did my research and came up with this graphics card:
click here=

I also found for a PSU:
click here

  Totally-braindead 10:54 13 Dec 2007

The 8600GT is better than the 8500 you were thinking of earlier, its pretty good, the 8800GT is meant to be quite a bit better but its also a bit more pricey and there was a shortage of them. If you are not an ardent gamer then I think you'd be happy with it.

The power supply, Hipers a good make and its a reasonable price but did you notice it was ordered on request which may mean you might struggle to get it?

To allow for extras and future upgrading I would be looking for a minimum of 600 watts and a bit more if you can afford it. This is only if its a branded one you eventually go for. If you end up with a non branded cheap one, which I think is a mistake, then you would be looking at maybe 750 watt minimum.

Its better to get a higher rated power supply and then not use all the power than get a lower rated one thats running full pelt all the time, for one thing it would be quieter and for another it would be less stressed and should last longer and of course you can be confident that if you add a mega graphics card or whatever later on that the power supply will cope and not need replaced.

I have a rather mundane 480 watt Tagan power supply and its fine for what I have in my PC. Its not silent though but its certainly not noisy. To be honest I'm unsure as to whether the noise I'm hearing is caused mainly by the case fans or the power supply fan as I have 3 case fans fitted.

Noise seems to be important to you so you might want to look at the fans in the case you have chosen later on and might want to replace them with something quieter. Maybe the case fans supplied are really quiet I don't know just wanted to mention the option. Bigger fans for example tend to spin slower so theres less noise and if you use better quality ones then they can be almost silent.

You'd only really see once you had it all assembled and had a chance to play with it.

  Quiller. 11:09 13 Dec 2007

a 32 bit system.

  woodchip 13:32 13 Dec 2007

I note that the PSU does not mention any form of built in Protection in case of failure Check out PCworld to see if they have a big Jeantec PSU

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