help!!! compaq presario reinstall of o.s

  tinny76 17:41 04 Nov 2004

hello i was wondering if anyone can help.
i am trying to reinstall my O.s after a horrible experience with spyware. Pc is compaq presario with XP home on it and restore disks are for presario 6420nx. so when i try to boot first restore cd, to reload o.s, i get an error message that states "these restore disks are not intended compatible for this system" or wordsto that effect. Any way round this..??????

thanks in advance


  tinny76 19:27 04 Nov 2004


  Stonechatz 20:11 04 Nov 2004

... the model of ure computer, u can reinstal. Compaq have reduced the scope for copying and selling bought software by making their own discs and matching them to the machine you have bought them with. So you'll have to be clever if they are from "different places!"

  tinny76 20:28 04 Nov 2004

thanks for the input,
i can assure u that these were the discs received when the pc was legitimately purchased. I have a c.o.a on the pc corresponding to the O.S.
so whats the way around this should i contact hp or the vendor the pc was purchased from to get proper discs?
I am against the clock on this one, is there a "clever" way i can load from these discs?

  tinny76 21:44 04 Nov 2004


  VoG II 21:49 04 Nov 2004

Perhaps if you could describe your "horrible experience with spyware" (bearing in mind that this is a family-friendly forum) we could help you to eradicate it without having to use your recovery disks.

You should still contact the vendor to find out why your recovery disks won't work.

  tinny76 21:51 04 Nov 2004

just a thought but the hdd is partitioned into c and d drives. the d drive contains folders named restore and other things like that, but they all appear to have padlocks on them???????
can i reinstall from here....

  tinny76 22:11 04 Nov 2004

spyware prob went on for literally months on spyware warrior forum. PC is my mates not very savvy i.t individual and some quite suspect surfing habits.had about 78 virus infections and a very resiliant about:blank infection which after spybot, adaware, hijack this and virus scans many times, was still there. Very frustrating. The O.S is pretty much crippled. Anyway i think i'll get on to hp.

Thanks for input anyway.


  tinny76 21:25 08 Nov 2004

hello there,ongoing problem can anyone help. It seems that my the pc in question actually is a presario 6420nx, so the restore disks are in fact the correct ones. The pc has presario 6000 on the front, next to power switch, and 6420nx sticker next to the xp COA. I have not formated the HDD yet but only tried to boot to the restore cd, thsi is when i get the error message " disks not compatible with the system". So they dont seem to be bootable. HDD is partioned into 2, c & D. D is restore area, is there any way this could bbe locking down the resotre disks???? any insight? would be gratefull.

  tinny76 21:45 08 Nov 2004

Hello, someone has suggested to me that this is a tattooing problem anyone know how i would get round this.???? thanks again

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