HELP with choosing the right network gear.

  Daveson 09:56 01 Jun 2004

Hi there, please can you give me some indication of what i need. I have a Desktop and a laptop that i would like to link wireless if possible. But i have only got dial up.

Plase help. Thanks.

  byfordr 10:11 01 Jun 2004

DG834G click here There is an offer on including a free wireless adapter (either usb or network card) You will need a wireless adapter for both pcs if you want all wirelessly connected. If the desktop if near a phone line you can save the cost of one of the adapters and use the 10/100 port on the router.
£90 with the laptop wireless. £135 for both wireless.


  byfordr 10:17 01 Jun 2004

Sorry didn't read properly. Same principle click here 2 wireless adapters. Or 1 and use the 10/100 port on the router.


  Daveson 10:17 01 Jun 2004

hi there, cheers for your reply. Is it the third one down that i am after. My desktop is near a phone line. Sorry but i dont know anything about networking but am willing to learn.

So all that i need is the bottom one...NETGEAR WIRELESS ADSL ROUTER DG834G + FREE PC CARD WG511T

  Daveson 10:21 01 Jun 2004

ok, lost now.

  computernerdiamnot 10:26 01 Jun 2004

You need either the cardbus or the usb adapter i am assuming you have a etherport 10/100 on your desktop already.

If you intend to take advantage of wireless connection on the move i would suggest the cardbus. If you intend to make both wireless in case of no ethernet port then you could buy the usb ans cardbus.

Also the Netgear is simple to se up.

  computernerdiamnot 10:27 01 Jun 2004

Sorry for the miss type.

Buy the usb and cardbus

  johnsims 10:48 01 Jun 2004

If you have dial up only, a wireless network will be bloody slow when you share the connection on the laptop. Dial up is slow, wireless is slower than wired and never hits the quoted speeds. Remember also that wireless connections drop in speed as distance increases, and walls etc may cause further signal problems. Wired is my first choice as it gives better file transfer speeds by far, but I do use wireless for my laptop for use other than in my home office (3 wired networked PCs, 2 printers and a wired connection for the laptop). If you can get it, take on a broadband connection too.

Totally agree with Computernerdiamnot re Netgear. Their stuff is good, it works and set up is indeed easy.

  johnsims 10:50 01 Jun 2004

Visit the netgear site click here for some great intoductory material on networking, how it works, how to set it up etc. Really helpful.

  Daveson 10:52 01 Jun 2004

ok, loads to go on here. Thanks all for you excellent posts. Craig.

  Daveson 11:19 01 Jun 2004

Ok so the from what i am picking up so far, i would need to get a network card for my desktop. Then buy the NETGEAR WGR614 Cabel/DSL Wireless Router. Then i would use a CAT5 cabel, one end into the network card on Desktop, and the other end into the router. Then connect my phone line into the router also. For my laptop i would buy a PCMCIA wireless card and then hope that the router detects it. Am i correct (please please please be right !!!)

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