Help choosing monitor !

  charlton200 16:46 17 Aug 2004

Hello ,
I more or less know what type of spec' my new computer will be made up of, but I am having trouble deciding about the monitor.

I have a 17" crt analog monitor at the moment.

I would like a 17" tft monitor, but would I notice much difference if I just bought the cheapest analog tft that comes with the system which will most probably be a mesh system, or should I spend a bit more and get one with dvi etc.

Any advise would be most helpful as I can't make up my mind.
I do not want to spend the extra money unnecessary.

Thanks for your time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:57 17 Aug 2004

for picture quality stick with the CRT

For style space saving go for TFT

DVI will allow a certain amount of future proofing as more and more graphics cards have DVI ports

  johnsims 16:59 17 Aug 2004

Getting a tft monitor with DVI will be no good unless the machine you buy has a graphics card with a DVI output. If it has on board graphics, that is unlikely. A DVI connection does give a better picture, and in the longer run is probably worth the extra.

I have an analogue AOC LM720A attached to one PC and an LG L1710B with DVI attached to my main machine. Both diplays are first class and I would reccommend either.

  johnsims 17:04 17 Aug 2004

I disagree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ - unless you are doing lots of picture or video editing, or are into games in a big way.

A big factor too, for me, is that a tft is better for your eyes. Nearly 20 years of using crt monitors at work and at home has taken it's toll on my eyesight which has deteriorated more rapidly than would have been expected as my age advanced.

  cherria 17:11 17 Aug 2004


"A big factor too, for me, is that a tft is better for your eyes. Nearly 20 years of using crt monitors at work and at home has taken it's toll on my eyesight which has deteriorated more rapidly than would have been expected as my age advanced."

Do you have any scientific research to back this up. To my knowledge, there is no evidence that using a crt has any detrimental effect on your eyes against any other sort of close work. In this respect, a tft will make no difference.

  Benzo 17:12 17 Aug 2004

i believe CRT's are better for they last longer, they are cheaper and they have easier connectivity to pc's i own a 19ins and a 17 ins CRTand they are better than all of the people i knows tft screens and also if u only get a 15 ins tft u will find it hard to run it well on 1024x768 screen resolution

Benzo Ferrari!!

  charlton200 17:37 17 Aug 2004

I need a reasonable graphics card for games probably the ati 9800 pro, I am not sure if that has dvi .

So would I still get a good picture on analog either crt or tft monitors ?

I think I would like to try a tft monitor but are worried that I would be disappointed with the graphics if I just bought supplied one with the mesh computer I will be getting.

If you guys think I would be disappointed I would think about doing an upgrade to one with dvi.

thanks for all your time .

  johnsims 17:54 17 Aug 2004

Of course there is scientific evidence that the flicker of a CRT screen (as it refreshes) causes a deterioration in eyesight. All you have to do to find it is use google. There is also evidence that a tft monitor, which offers a flicker free refresh, is of less harm.

It is now well over 10 years since legislation was introduced as a result of this to make it mandatory for employers to pay for eye tests for employees using computer VDUs.

  johnsims 18:00 17 Aug 2004

Most reasonably up to date graphics cards (if not very nearly all) come with both an analogue and a DVI output.

I don't think you'd be necessarily disappointed with an analogue tft when compared with a DVI, but there is no doubt that the latter provides a crisper image. The speed of refresh is very important if you are going to use it for gaming so a fast tft would be best.

The ones that come bundled with a pc tend to be cheaper models, if I was you I would upgrade to either a iiyama or LG, both of which can be had with DVI (and 4 port USB hub with the LG) I think the LG is a better bet all round, but as I have one I must be considered biased!

I have both a TFT and CRT monitor and have gamed enough to tell the difference. At first I was satisfied with the TFT monitor I used but upon switching to CRT the difference in picture clarity (mainly due to the much better dot pitch offered by CRT) was staggering - I haven't used my TFT since.

Other advantages to CRT technology other than price is the increase in resolution support, albeit you won't necessarily need higher than say 1280x1024 for most games or video - but comes into its own when multitasking with more than one window open, or when doing digital photo/film editing of one kind or another.

When you read articles on the pros/cons of TFT vs CRT monitors for gaming etc, a point often raised is the response time. This is different to the screen refresh rate, and refers to the time it takes individual TFT pixels to switch from one colour state to the other (as I understand it) - older and cheaper screens were slower, say 26ms or slower and hence suffered from a blurring or ghosting of image when running fast moving pictures, games or video. Typical response times measured in milliseconds now for decent quality monitors is less than 26ms and for gaming, a 16ms or faster display is recommended.

I really can't see much of a point to DVI interface at present. If you read the article linked to at the end of this post, you'll see that though there are advantages in the overall amount of data flow, most home users now will not find a use for it, unless they are using massive screens with very high resolutions, something which seems contradictory in itself.

Article - TFT vs CRT technology:

click here

Article - TFT for gaming Toms Hardware:

click here

click here

TFT does offer advantages if you want a nice looking, mobile and space saving monitor, it is easier on the eyes also. But for gaming, unless you're able to splash out on one of the newer high performance TFTs out there, I'd recommend a decent 19" CRT as you'd find in the PC Advisor Reviews. My own is a Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 and it's very good.

The ATI Radeon 9800 pro will almost certainly have DVI out interface. It's only really non performance graphics cards (budget range) that only offer a single analogue RGB out and no DVI.

  charlton200 19:21 17 Aug 2004

VERY helpfull,
many thanks

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