Help with choosing between two systems please

  rosie12 20:25 01 Feb 2006

Hi, I have finally found 2 systems that I cant decide about there is only a £10 differance. Would you help me choose between these two computers please, it is for my son, one thing I am not sure about is that one of them comes with the win. media operating system and he doesn't want a computer to watch TV so will this operating system be as good as xp home anyway. What he wants it for is to copy cds and DVDs, multitasking, lots of internet use, and NO gaming as he has his X box thingy, Hopefully I have included these links properly:-HERE IS NO. 1.

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  rosie12 20:28 01 Feb 2006


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  Skyver 20:37 01 Feb 2006

The 3100, more expensive but faster and more `future-proof`.512MB of RAM is the minimum if you're buying a brand new system and a P4 will make the most of it, instead of a Celeron.

I should have said Resource CD before,ie .
Resource CD - contains Diagnostics and Drivers [add £5.88]

  rosie12 20:45 01 Feb 2006

Hi, Thanks....But because that one has the Win. Media Centre OS, will that be OK as we wont need it as a television, also it doesnt give me the option of getting a resourse cd. I have put a dot in both boxes and the price doesn't alter?

  Skyver 20:50 01 Feb 2006

It works the same way, I recently helped set up a 5150 with XP Media Centre; it's no different from XP Home if you don't need to access the new/extra features.It appears to be based on Windows XP Professional.
Shame about the resource CD, there appears to be no `create a recovery CD` option with Dell in case of an emergency, I would give them a call before ordering to clarify the situation.

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