Help to choose whether to buy laptop or desktop?

  yowser55 02:10 28 Mar 2015

Hi Folks,

I'm hoping for a system that's speedy and energy efficient. My needs are basic relative to gamers/editors; I'll only want it for MS Office, mutiple movie tabs and being able to run 2 different browsers (eg firefox and chrome) at the same time with imacros (repetitive script plugin).

It doesn't matter to me if it's mobile or upgradable because I won't be doing that and I'd want it to last several years. My last one lasted 8-10 years and it was at best a mid range laptop (it would have still been going if I'd bothered to clear the dust from the fan).

The reason I'd like it to be energy efficient is because I'll use it everyday for upto 10 hours and as I'm not an intensive performance user, I don't think I should need 100's of watts.

Desktops are cheaper to buy for the same performance, but seem less energy friendly. Although, I'm not sure on the energy efficiency, because I've been told speedy systems can use less power overall as they'll complete a task quicker then run at idle consumption, so I really have no idea what I should be going for.

Even if more powerful CPU's may return to idle sooner, in a desktop there will still be other components using more energy than a laptop. I don't mind if one system uses slighly more power than another, if it more than compensates in performance that's relevant to me.

Laptops may cost more to buy but I wonder if they are better value performance wise looking at power consumption and considering the performance I need is not that of a video renderer or gamer.

I'm trying to figure out the sweetspot in this balance between energy efficiency and performance that will suit me. I regularly look out for offers, but I'm not sure if I should go the desktop or laptop route.

Thanks for any advice.

  yowser55 02:21 28 Mar 2015

*I can't add to/edit so I'll add another post

I do realise cutting down on power costs performance, but I'm hoping that with my needs I can get away with having both efficiency and performance, or at least close to it.


  wee eddie 02:26 28 Mar 2015

As you already have have a Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. The difference in cost between a Desktop and Laptop become even more marked.

  JackPhillips 09:32 30 Mar 2015

I'd go for a laptop. I really got used to my Samsung one I got from Semilton store last year. And I can't do without it, I don't wanna use the PC anymore

  hastelloy 10:41 30 Mar 2015

You get more for your money with a desktop which is also far easier to repair and upgrade. If you don't need portability and have the space it's a no-brainer for me.

  robin_x 13:14 30 Mar 2015

Laptops for convenience and lower energy usage every time.

  bumpkin 19:41 30 Mar 2015

I have to agree with hastelloy plus you can have whatever size monitor you want and add or remove extra drives or other hardware without having to be a micro surgeon.

  bumpkin 21:07 30 Mar 2015

Have you thought of building one yourself (desk top). Looking at your modest requirements and assuming that you have a monitor you could probably put together a reasonably decent system in a new micro atx case including a solid state drive for about £200. Energy efficient also.

  hastelloy 07:48 31 Mar 2015

"Laptops for convenience"

I don't see how a laptop is more convenient than a desktop. I hate the touch pad and always plug in a mouse when I have to use a laptop.

A further point is that it is more of a health risk to use a laptop - see NHS advice. Also paragraphs 4 and 17 of this link.

  rdave13 20:07 06 Sep 2015

Laptop at home connected to a 24" screen. Portable and resembles a desktop. Minimum CPU i5, 8 gig ram minimum. SSD as OS drive and plenty of USB drives for data storage. The more expensive then the better the performance.

  bumpkin 20:12 06 Sep 2015

I would have thought that he has decided by now:-)

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