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  Raquelmanny 13:46 17 Aug 2004

Hi everybody,
I recently sold something on Ebay. The item I feel was described as 100% accurate but the buyer is not happy. I am not willing to do a full refund for the item, but I have offered a partial refund as a sign of goodwill. He will not accept this and now is talking about Chargeback to my Paypal or credit card account. What is chargeback? And how does it work? Can he simply take funds from my Paypal a/c or visa card without my consent? The only other option I have thought about is closing my Paypal account to make sure he cannot take funds, but this seems a bit extreme. Any help greatly welcome.

  jonnytub 14:15 17 Aug 2004
  jonnytub 14:17 17 Aug 2004

also click here

  Raquelmanny 14:40 17 Aug 2004

Thanks for your response jonny. But still not sure about it. Is the easiest option just to close my Paypal account?

  jonnytub 18:35 17 Aug 2004

sorry not much help try here click here

  jonnytub 18:44 17 Aug 2004

as far as i'm aware the buyer's cc company would credit her account and bill you for that amount. There would appear to be a worrying and rising trend in chargeback fraud, and refunding. I propose you check with paypal on all possibilities and if you say the goods were exactly as described then i don't think you have much to worry about. Here is barclay's faq's on merchant account's and chargeback's etc. click here

  Raquelmanny 20:44 17 Aug 2004

Thanks Jonnytub, Sorry not responded sooner I've been at work. You mention about the buyer being credited and me being sent a bill. If I have no Paypal account will they still be able to bill me? I feel even if I offer a partial refund they are still going to do the chargeback aswell, so I will be out of pocket even more. Really don't know what do do.

  spuds 22:50 17 Aug 2004

I did a Google search in respect of Paypal and chargeback. Makes some interesting reading if you have the time. click here

  spuds 22:57 17 Aug 2004

Selected from the above link, which may be of particular interest click here

  Raquelmanny 23:07 17 Aug 2004

Yes Spuds makes for interesting reading. Almost makes me want to close my Paypal account now. But wonder if I might need them or if they will just hinder me and take the money out of my account anyway. The buyer awaiting my response as I type. Thanks for the help will continue reading.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:53 17 Aug 2004

My wife is a power seller on ebay and as long as your description was 100% accurate then you are not obliged to give any refund. As far as Chargeback goes, she has never heard of it in two years of using paypal....TT

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