help with changing write speeds for my dvd burner!

  Total_Sabotage 23:19 12 Sep 2005

Phillips dvdr1625k burner help!!!!!!

I brought a phillips dvd burner recently and i am having problems with the write speeds!!!

It will not write faster than 1.4X when burning DVD+R when it claims it can burn at 16X!!!!

When i go to my secondary channel ide i can't change the settings from PIO to dma does anyone know a solution to this problem i googled this problem and all i found out is that windows xp permanently changes the setting to PIO if you install it wrong etc but it says the device is working properly.I've tried uninstalling both drives with the same results my primary one is ultra dma my secondary is PIO so if anyone could be of assistance it would be most appreciated my friend said it maybe because of low memory or ram but i have 50 gb free and 512mb ram and if you happen to give me a right answer i hope santa brings them something good for xmas thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 23:34 12 Sep 2005

I have a 16x DVD writer and have found that the 2 major things that change the burn speed are:

1 - The program you're using, if the program is not up to date or for some reason doesn't like the disks it will refuse to burn at the highest speed and will reduce the burn speed accordingly.

2 - The disks you use make the greatest difference, I've had 3 makes of disks, all rated 16x but only one would burn at 16x the others would only work at 8x. Now whether it was the DVD writer or the program that dropped the speed I don't know.

Are you sure that the disk you are using is a DVDR disk and not a DVDRW because these burn much more slowly. If you are sure then buy another make of disk in the first instance and try that and see what happens. Incidently the same thing can happen with CDs if the writer or program doesn't like a particular make.

  Total_Sabotage 23:53 12 Sep 2005

i'm using a dvd=r disc but i got 50 for cheap so that could be the problem but does it matter about my dma because it's activated in my dvd drive not in my new one would that be affecting it too it took me an hour and a half today to burn a 4.2 gb disc

  Totally-braindead 23:59 12 Sep 2005

I'm not sure, leave this open and see if someone else can answer. In the meantime I would suggest trying to see if you could get another make to try. If you do this and it works ok then you've answered your own question. Away to bed now but just had one thought, some DVD writers, mine included like to be the Master rather than the Slave. No idea why but it told me to make sure my DVD writer was the secondary Master in the instructions. Worth a look to see what yours are set as Master/Slave.

  Total_Sabotage 00:04 13 Sep 2005

I have mine as slave but i tried to switch them today to make it primary but it didn't work it kept reading the orginal one it says on the manual you can put it either way it's something to do with the PIO and DMA cause i googled it and a poster on a different site had a similar prob but he changed his settings to dma but i can't.

P.S if you have a solution could you do a step by step guide please since i'm a noob at this.

thanks in advance

  Stuartli 00:12 13 Sep 2005

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