Help changing a hard drive

  pipfan 17:25 12 Jul 2011


I have a Compaq desktop PC that came with a 250gb SATA hard drive, and I've managed to fill it !

I want to install a 1TB in its place - probably Seagate or WD - but as the original drive contains Windows and just about everything I need, I'm not completely sure what I need to do.

I assume I need to

1) Make a clone image of my original drive to an external drive 2) Swap out the old and hook up the new drive 3) Put the cloned image on to the new drive 4) Carry on as normal

Is that about right - have I over-simplified it? Any help very much appreciated.



  gengiscant 17:38 12 Jul 2011

Nope you are right.

You can use this to clone your drive. the free version is all you need.You can either put your 1TB drive in an external caddy or just install it in your PC, it really does not matter,then start the above program and clone your old hard-drive to the new 1 TB drive,once finished remove the cables from your old drive and boot your pc.That should be that and you will have a working PC will a bigger drive.

You can then format your old drive and use it as backup or spare.

  pipfan 17:46 12 Jul 2011

Many thanks, but my PC can only take 2 internal drives and the second is occupied by a 10gb drive with the recovery bits and bobs on.

Hence, looking to put everything on an external drive first before switching internals over. That still OK?

  Taff™ 18:09 12 Jul 2011

You've only got one phsical drive in there. It`s partitioned (Split) C and the hidden recovery partition. Have a look inside.

  gengiscant 08:07 13 Jul 2011

As 'taff' has said, open up your pc I think you will find that you only have the 1 drive.

What make/model of PC have you the details will be on a silver sticker somewhere.

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