Help - CD Drive won't open!!

  DANZIG 11:30 11 Apr 2004


This has just happened this morning. Opened my CD Drive as normal, popped a disc in and played a game.

1 hour later after getting a touch bored of it, quit the game but.....the CD Drive won't open!

Whenever I press the 'Eject' button, the green light that I assume means there is something in the drive goes red and it just won't open.

What's going on?

  VoG II 11:31 11 Apr 2004

Unravel a paperclip and poke the end into the small hole on the front of the drive.

  DANZIG 11:33 11 Apr 2004

What should happen then???

  VoG II 11:34 11 Apr 2004

Drive should open.

  DANZIG 11:38 11 Apr 2004

Right. I'll give it a shot.

  SGT [email protected] 11:38 11 Apr 2004

make sure you push the paper clip in the hole hard and far enough so that you feel a bit of resistance , then give it a bit of a push and it'll pop open.

  DANZIG 11:44 11 Apr 2004

OK, thanks Guys.

CD Drive now open!


Why did it happen in the first place though?

First time its done it ever!

  SGT [email protected] 20:51 11 Apr 2004


click on the resolved box please


  woodchip 21:06 11 Apr 2004

My DVD drive does the same on some disc's I have to be persistent. i.e keep pressing or just hold the button in. other than the above switch comp off and open CD drive as it's restarting

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