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  bear73 18:58 16 Nov 2005


I would just like some general guidance about burning to CD's. I have done this once before a long time ago when I urgently needed to back-up some photos before my pc died on me. I never really felt confident though and am not sure I used the correct CD to save the photos too. I couldn't add or remove any from the disc afterwards and ended up in a real mess.

Anyway, I'd like to start downloading some music from itunes (I downloading one song today onto my pc). I would like to make some CD's of songs etc and need to know I am using the right type of disc. Also, any recommendations on burning software (idiot proof please). I have the Windows Media Player and also have Nero on my pc too but I have only used this once before.

Any help and advice appreciated. I am getting hubby an ipod nano for xmas so I will need to be up on all this techo stuff


  D@z? 19:02 16 Nov 2005

Nero is a good burning software. The discs you need are CDRs and NOT CDRWs as they will not play on cd players, car stereos etc.

  Stuartli 19:34 16 Nov 2005

As D@z? says, you need to use quality CD-Rs - these are far more reflective than CD-RW disks and mena they can be read by most drives and players.

To add tracks to a CD-R and save unnecessary disk space waste (you can't remove tracks/files etc in the strict sense of the word) you will need to use Nero in Multisession mode.

Nero indicates how much room is used/still available on a disk and, once you have reached the final tracks addition, you will need to Finalise the disk before the final burning.

However, you should still be able to use the CD-R in multisession mode in your computer system, player or car unit whilst it is in non-Finalised form.

Ahead, producers of Nero (click here), offers various manual downloads on its website for all aspects of CD burning or go to:

click here

Once you (quickly) get the hang of multisession operation it becomes second nature.

  plsndrs3 20:29 16 Nov 2005

I am not criticising or questioning the advice from the posting by Stuartli above as i have a lot of respect for him.

However, I have an MP3 player in my car & have a disk half full of tracks burnt on Nero 6. I cannot play the CD in my car unless I finalise it. Also, as far as I am aware, the same is true for Audio [I have never been able to multi-session these].



  bear73 13:52 17 Nov 2005


When you say use "good quality" CD-R, do they vary a lot? Which ones would you class as good quality or poor quality?

We have some CD-r which my husband says he has burned various CD's onto and they never play in the CD players. Yesterday I tried to add one MP3 track which I had just downloaded from itunes on to a CD-R in Nero and everytime I tried to drag it over to the Audio CD bit it said file not recognised!!

I think I need to buy some new CD-r's as these ones haven't been great. They are TDK d-View CD-R 700MB.


  dangerusone 14:55 17 Nov 2005

Don't tracks downloaded from "itune" have DRM protection against making other copies? d1

  bear73 14:58 17 Nov 2005

Does that mean if I download any track from itunes I cna not burn it onto a CD? I didn't realise this.

What do I do if I want to make a CD of tracks then? I paid for the track I thought that meant I could burn it. The file does say MPEG-4 (Protected).

I'm new to all this and would appreciate any help.


  Abel 15:17 17 Nov 2005

I don't know about the technical stuff, butI have enormous difficulty using Nero burning software despite all the good things people say about it. However, for an absolute idiot proof means of burning DVDs and CDs and producing labels for them, I have found 'Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator' a complete doddle. Be careful though, I believe Version 6 is for Windows ME and prior while the more up-to-date versions are for Windows 2000 and XP.


  lmhillyard 21:54 17 Nov 2005

Be careful with Itunes downloaded tracks,they do have a fix in them that counts the number of burns,I think it is 7 before you cannot burn any more copies.If you are burning to CD the easiest way to do this is to drag and drop track by track into a folder then select all and drag and drop into the drive in my computer.
Be warned if you burn a cd using Itunes compilation tool it will not play in some MP3 players eg car stereo as the system uses folders and sub folders to organise the music.
I have used CD R format disks that cost £15 for 100 for this type of job for ages with no problems
As above for photos too!!

  bloodstone 22:11 17 Nov 2005

Have to agree with Abel, Roxio is a doddle, never will understand why people will pay for downloads when for a few quid they can buy the album from the likes of 101 or CD Wow.

  bear73 07:47 18 Nov 2005

Thanks for your help. I don't really plan to use downloads other than for the odd song. I would never buy an album to download as it seems pointless when you can go and buy the CD on CD WOW for £8 too.

I just downloaded one track on itunes from an album that I had been looking for, it was just an experiment to see if I could burn to a CD. I have never burned from Cd to CD either and I suspect when my hubby gets his ipod for xmas this is what we will be doing.

Is that a straight forward thing to do with an ipod? Burn tracks onto it from your existing Cd's?

Thanks for all your help on this everyone who had replied. It's a bit of a minefield for me!

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