HELP! Can't transfer my site!

  mco 19:39 29 May 2006

Sorry for shouting-very frustrated! I have a site with Lycos using the online webbuilder (click and it publishes) works fine. But I decided to redo the whole thing in NOF and publish it via NOFs ftp. I assumed it would just override the webbuilder one but kept getting these error message
Error sending the file C:\Program Files\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion 9.0\User Sites\respectsite\Preview\index.html to the server
Error sending the file C:\Program Files\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion 9.0\User Sites\respectsite\Preview\style1.css to the server
Error sending the file C:\Program Files\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion 9.0\User Sites\respectsite\Preview\site2.css to the server
Error sending the file C:\Documents and Settings\mco\My Documents\My Pictures\respectsite\stevenbrooks.pdf to the server
Could not create the directory 'html/' on the server
Could not create the directory 'assets/images/' on the server (and others too like this)
So I tried using a third party ACE FTP but all I seem to have done is loaded up as a file and it comes up as www . mywebuildersite / newsite (showing the index and list of stuff it contains) Where have I gone wrong? How can I replace the original one with my new one?

  ade.h 20:23 29 May 2006

First off, I find that it can often be a good idea to clean out a server's contents with an FTP client. Take the opportunity to look at the existing directory structure and configure your NOF FTP settings to use this. NOF is not very happy having to create additional directory folders; it causes problems. I haven't used ACE FTP; my favourite is Smart FTP, which is very well featured.

  mco 22:43 29 May 2006

yes, trouble is, the original website is massive and contains many files of the type www . mysite . com / otherstuff I don't want to delete. I am afraid if I clean out the whole www. mysite . com it would also delete all of these too, which I don't want! And the structure is mega-complex (mainly my fault for being untidy) If only FE were here to have a look! The whole NOF creation is all there in a file - it's just in the wrong place!

  ade.h 22:49 29 May 2006

Well, okay. You can at least check your directory structure and set NOF to use the right folder. It hates having to make new folders for some reason. 22:54 29 May 2006

a free Lycos account by any chance? I'm not sure, but they may not allow FTP.

  mco 22:59 29 May 2006

it's a paid for one, and they do allow ftp as they have given me the ftp details and I've successfully connected and ftp'd the site but I've put it in the wrong place.

  mco 23:01 29 May 2006

I'm looking for something that says 'root folder'but there is none. There is one that says 'www' and in there are the separate html pages of the original site and lots of other stuff I've put in myself via ftp - but I want to transfer the whole of my new site over the old one (and I can't just write over the original html pages as they have different names)

  mco 23:05 29 May 2006

this is what I've done here
it shouldn't say inex of / respectsite ...the respectsite should replace the original one (built online)as the www....

  mco 02:21 30 May 2006

Well, I made two new directories called html and assets (as I'd seen from a site that I have working in NOF) I then managed to ftp from NOF's own program but still it wouldn't work. I changed the index.html of the original site for the NOF one - and it came up but with red crosses everywhere and when clicking on any of the other pages in the nav bar, they all came up 'page not found'. I've had to revert back to the original in the meantime but PLEASE someone advise, as I must be missing something really simple! Everything is in there somewhere!

  Forum Editor 18:44 30 May 2006

and I'll take a look later tonight. It might be the quickest way to get from A to B?

  mco 20:04 30 May 2006

Actually, I hoped you would but was too shy to suggest it myself. Will email you now.

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