Help! Can't remove cpu/heatsink ,any tips please?

  eh? 14:12 08 Aug 2006

My son installed a new fan/heatsink ( with a whole lot of trouble apparently) and when he went to boot up ,there's power from the power supply as you can see its fan operating and hear a click from the hard drive (although the cdrom and dvd drawers wont open) but theres no display or error beeps. He says he cant remember ever having beeps however. I have tested the ram, video card and hard drives, but I cant remove the heatsink to test the cpu, it is SO tricky! It seems to be in solid. He thinks he may have damaged the cpu when he was trying to install the heatsink/fan.
How can I get the thing off, or, do you think its not that? I wonder if its the mobo?
any help would be great, as the thing is in bits all over my dining table at the mo!

  961 14:14 08 Aug 2006

What mobo/cpu/heatsink?

  eh? 14:18 08 Aug 2006

ummm, I will go and check, hold on a mo...

  eh? 14:24 08 Aug 2006

Its a
G force 3 mobo
AMD 3000 xp cpu (Athlon)
and the heatsink is a "3400 pass" specially for higher processors, he says.
Hope that helps, I'm not so good with the hard ware side of things I'm afraid,

  vinnyT 14:31 08 Aug 2006

Here's an amd page with a movie on how to remove the heatsink click here

Hope it helps.

  eh? 14:39 08 Aug 2006

thank you for that, however my heatsink doesnt have the lever the video only has the clips attaching it to the board.
Good vids tho! Nice and easy for me.

  keef66 14:42 08 Aug 2006

Athlons do require a bit of force, the right size screwdriver, and a lot of care. I'm not familiar with the 3000XP; does it have an exposed core like my 2100XP, or a metal heat spreader which covers the whole thing? The exposed cores are quite easy to damage if the heatsink is tipped too far when installing.

The other risk is of the screwdriver slipping out of the heatsink retaining clip and damaging the motherboard.

I find it useful to remove the psu to gain better access to the cpu socket on my mobo. Yours may obviously be different.

  eh? 14:48 08 Aug 2006

Hello keef66
I havent the foggiest re the xp3000 Im afraid, son at work, left me to it...errr not sure that is entirely a good thing!
I was intending to test all the components in a working pc, which I have done, apart from the cpu. I have removed everything from the case to get better access but the thing still wont budge.
I reckon as you say, that maybe he let the screw driver slip and has damaged the mobo, but how can I be sure?

  eh? 14:54 08 Aug 2006

Haha! Success! brute force and a bit of confidence is all it took! The thing is off, now Im off to test it...will start a new thread if i get stuck again!
Thanks for your help.

  keef66 14:59 08 Aug 2006

Congratulations! Once you've done it once, you know in future how hard and in which direction to press the thing. I still think they could've come up with a safer way of securing the heatsink.

  eh? 16:04 08 Aug 2006

o I do agree, thats just what I was saying. It really is tricky isnt it, and one slip and you're in big trub.
O well, am putting it all back together now, and we'll see if it is kapuut completely.

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