Help cant reinstal wind 98 on desktop.

  Python33 09:16 14 Jan 2007

a freind made a big mistake & allowed a software from Microbillins system to install, & now after the FREE period it has totally mucked up his desktop, i ran spydoctor & it found 99793 infections. we have tried to delete/uninstal the program but it wont. i tried to reinstall windows98 but it wont read the floppy disk on reboot. i cant even get into the BIOS, any advice?

  Gongoozler 09:32 14 Jan 2007

"Wont read the floppy disk on reboot". Have you set the BIOS for the first boot device to be the floppy drive?

  Python33 10:09 14 Jan 2007

Gongoozler hi, dont know what settings the bios has due to the fact i cant access the BIOS. But that is what my mate used to install in the first place. the computer wont let me fix anything. all due to the program he installed.

  Gongoozler 10:16 14 Jan 2007

Hi Python33. Why can't you access the BIOS? The BIOS is independent of the operating system, so if you can't access it there is something fundamentally wrong with the computer. When the computer first powers up there should be a message on the screen such as "Press DEL to enter setup". If you then press the keyboards Delete key, or whatever key you are prompted to press, the computer should then enter the BIOS setup mode.

  Python33 11:10 14 Jan 2007

G. i do get the message but it fails to enter the BIOS, upon reading the T&C from the software people they do state they will render the computer inoperable if account lapses. he owes them nothing but still cant fix the pc, it runs so slow that you have to overload the CPU until a error message appears & you cant get rid of that box, if you move it to the side then the pc runs at a reasonable speed. but is prone to crashing.

try reseting the cmos and see if you can get into the bios then

  Python33 11:55 14 Jan 2007

Hi Handyd, i know abit about pc's but you have caught me out, how & what is cmos?

  Strawballs 11:55 14 Jan 2007

click here install this and remove any traces of the program with it. I have never had a problem with this program but if you do it does make a backup so you can undo what you have done, but as I have said I have never had to use it.

  Python33 12:02 14 Jan 2007

thanks strawballs, as im not using the problem pc at the mo' can this be downloaded onto a flashdrive so i can transfer it to the faulty pc?

  Strawballs 12:03 14 Jan 2007

Yes it is small enough to put on a floppy

  Gongoozler 12:05 14 Jan 2007

Python33, you could try unplugging the hard drive (either the power connector or the ide connector. That should prevent anything on the hard drive affecting the boot-up, and let you at least start with the floppy drive. It won't help with wiping the hard drive but at least you will then know that the computer can boot.

As far as resetting the CMOS is concerned, the CMOS is your interface with the BIOS, so the term resetting the CMOS and resetting the BIOS refer to the same thing. You can do this with a link on the motherboard or by removing the battery for a few minutes. The battery is usually about 2cm diameter and shiny metal e.g. click here. To identify the reset link we need to know what the motherboard is.

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