Help. Can't keep my net connection

  dunc7020 20:03 16 Feb 2006

I'm new to this site and to wireless connections. I have a 3com wireless router. Mine is the Office Connect ADSL 11g Firewall Router. Model 3CRWDR100A-72. I have managed to set up all the router settings and can connect to the Web etc. Trouble is I continually keep loosing the connection. The router will not stay connected and I have to go through the set up process and "connect" again each time. This seems to happen moreso with periods of inactivity. Any advice about why this is happening would be appreciated. Thanks

  keewaa 21:38 16 Feb 2006

Is it the wireless connection dropping or the internet connection? To find out use an ethernet cable between the computer and router.

  dunc7020 08:56 17 Feb 2006

Thanks keewaa. I think its the internet connection thats dropping. The connection between the router and my PC remain ok - its the router that drops the connection with the web

  keewaa 12:10 17 Feb 2006

Have you confirmed this by ethernet cable as the wireless icon may say connected but not actually be connected or faulty functioning ... if you ethernet cable it quickly and the connection doesn't drop then it's a wireless issue.

  raeman 13:41 17 Feb 2006

It sounds like you may need to upgrade the routers firmware ,i have this router and it is a known problem with older versions of the firmware which is probably what yours shipped with as mine did . Had the same problem occasionally but since upgrading all ok , check the version number by logging into the router and on the page under general information it will say software version (latest version is 2.06 i think).

  dunc7020 18:12 17 Feb 2006

Thanks raeman I think you might be right. I have read a little about this elsewhere. I have checked the routers set up and under general info it states the software version is 1.04 (Sept 2004)! Assuming this is the problem what exactly is firmware and how do I get the latest version?

  raeman 21:10 17 Feb 2006

It's the software which the router requires to operate . Anyways you need to upgrade this to a later version i have 2.05 in mine and it works fine but 2.06 is also available.You can dowload it from click here and look under support and downloads,then enter router part no 3CRWDR100A-72 and search ,go to all downloads and here you can get all the documentation for the router and below that the software. Download the software to your pc and extract it(haven't tried 2.06 but it's the latest version).For instructions on router firmware upgrade go to knowledgebase section of 3com website and search under OfficeConnect® ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router and it gives upgrade instructions.Any questions let me know

  raeman 21:23 17 Feb 2006

Here are the instuctions from the 3com site on how to upgrade.

OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router - How to upgrade firmware
Problem: How to upgrade the firmware
Problem: Unable to upgrade firmware
Fact: OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router
Fact: Firmware
Fix: To upgrade the firmware on the Firewall router follow the steps below:

1. Visit 3com and type in the 3Com product number and click on "Quick search", "Select Firmware" and then download the latest firmware version available from the list on to your PC.

2. Once you have downloaded the file to your chosen location on your PC, you must unzip it by double clicking the file, make a note of the location on your PC where the file has been unzipped.

3. Login to the Firewall router and select "System Tools" then "Upgrade". Select the "browse" button on the router and browse to the directory where the files have been unzipped i.e. as in Step 2.

4. Select the file with the .bin extension and click "Apply". The firmware will now be loaded on to the Firewall router. Once the firmware has been loaded you will be returned back to the login screen of your Firewall router

5. Login in to the Firewall router and select "Status and Logs", you should now see the version number of the firmware that you upgraded.

  dunc7020 23:06 17 Feb 2006

raeman. Thank you again. Have done as you said and downloaded the latest firmware from 3com.. It is version 2.06 Sept 2005. So far so good! Too early to say that it is sorted but it is promising. I will keep you posted. In the meantime thank you very much.

  dunc7020 14:51 18 Feb 2006

raeman. Well my PC which is the wired connection and my son's PC which is wireless has remained "connected" for nearly 24 hours which is an enormous improvement than before. Thank you for all your guidance, particularly the instructions to install the firmware. Your advice has solved my problem.

Thanks again.

  raeman 15:02 18 Feb 2006

Glad too hear that,i've had this router since last april and it's been excellent .

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