Help cant find lead to connect my camcorder to pc

  CLAIRE29 21:11 22 Feb 2006

Ive got a Samsung VP-L750 camcorder, and dont know what leads I need to connect with my pc. I want to transfer my Hi8 tapes to dvd, but my camcorder only has s-video and av output? please can anyone advise me what im looking for?
Im new to computers and dont want to buy something that isnt going to work!!

  ade.h 21:20 22 Feb 2006

Your camcorder's manual would tell you that. You need to ascertain whether it is equipped with a USB2 or Firewire port.

  Pamy 21:24 22 Feb 2006

You have told us what output sockets your camcorder has, now tell us what input/output sockets your computer has.

  CLAIRE29 21:26 22 Feb 2006

Havent got the manual lost it when moving, all i do know is that its an anologue not digital. its nearly 4yrs old- hasnt got a firewire port, just s-video...

  CLAIRE29 21:30 22 Feb 2006

usb, s-video 7 pin my camcorder only has a 4 pin

  Pamy 21:50 22 Feb 2006

not sure that the s-video on your computer is an input, so think your video card is not suitable. Do you know what video card you have

  ade.h 22:14 22 Feb 2006

Most graphics cards have Video Out (VO) but for your old camcorder, you would need Video In, which always comes in the form of VIVO. That's the acronym to look for.

  CLAIRE29 23:07 22 Feb 2006

I dont know what a video card is? not sure if my computer has one...
can i buy them- is it software i can download or is it a card ( as a sim card) sorry im new to computer speech...

  ed-0 23:29 22 Feb 2006

has said a VIVO card would do the job. It is a PCI card that would need to be fitted into the computer. Not a difficult task. Prices can vary a lot.

Another option would be to plug the camcorder straight into a standalone dvd recorder. The price of these are dropping like stones and you could pick one up for less than £70. This one click here just records to DVD+R and RW but is just £69.98. The AV connectors on the front will take the lead from the camcorder and you will have the facility to record of TV and satalitte ( if you can find anything worth recording. lol ).

If you recorded the footage to a DVD-RW disk, you could edit it on the computer and rewrite it back to disk in either + or - format.

  CLAIRE29 23:37 22 Feb 2006

Thanks for all of your help, looks like thats the easiest way of doing it... thanks again.

  ade.h 23:48 22 Feb 2006

A seperate card is not a bad idea, but I wasn't intitally thinking along those lines.

I was hoping that the postee could check her graphics card spec and work out whether it has VIVO. As you know, most cards come in plain vanilla and VIVO flavours.

I always go for the VIVO option few a few extra pounds, as you never know when it might be useful.


"I dont know what a video card is? not sure if my computer has one..."

Rest assured that your PC actually HAS to have a graphics card - or an integrated graphics chipset - otherwise you would not see anything!

But it would be useful to know for sure whether it has VIVO or just VO. It might not even have VO, but that's academic as it's the VI bit that you need.


In your post of 21:30, you listed USB; are you certain that the camcorder has this output, or were you talking about your PC?

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