HELP> Cannot see other computer or printer

  Marskeman 12:20 25 Apr 2009

My home network all worked a couple of weeks ago. Do not know whats changed. Both laptop and computer are running Vista. All the settings are ticked, network discovery, file sharing, workgroup same, private network. I do not know whats stopping them from seeing each other. I am also using a static ip address because thats the only way of connecting to the internet. My LinkSys will not allocate ip addresses, both computers always use to say limited connectivity. I had to reboot router for them to connect to the internet. But both connect to internet now which is good but for some reason I'm not seeing my home network.
Can anyone please help me here, my life is wasting away trying to sort this out.



  Woolwell 14:58 25 Apr 2009

The problem may well lie with the fact that you sattes that your router will not allocate Ip addresses but if each PC can connect to the internet this may have been fixed.
You should enter your router's configuration page and check that each PC is shown as allocated an IP address.

Try turning off your firewall and see if they can see each other.

You can also try pinging each PC.

  Woolwell 14:58 25 Apr 2009

sattes ? = state

  Marskeman 16:58 25 Apr 2009

Thanks for your reply, I will check router. I tried turning the firewall off but no good. How do I ping the other computer?

  Woolwell 17:07 25 Apr 2009

To ping you will need to know the IP address of each computer. In Search type Cmd. Click on CMD then in the box type ping and then the IP address.

  Marskeman 17:31 25 Apr 2009

ok just pinged my other computer and it says destination host unreachable

  Marskeman 17:38 25 Apr 2009

I went into my routers config and my start address and number of addresses are all within the 2 ip addresses i am useing. And it does show the two ip addresses with there mac numbers.

  Woolwell 14:05 26 Apr 2009

The IP address for each PC should be something like and numbers after 192.168.1.
If they are not then I wonder if the roter is configured correctly.
Which ISP are you with and which model of Linksys?
It's unusual to have a static IP address.

  Marskeman 17:50 26 Apr 2009

Hi both computers are there listed in my router which is a wag160n. One computer I chose 192.168.20 and the other is 192.168.22. I set it up in vista for them to be static otherwise i got limited connectivity, but now connect instantly to internet.

The computers are not seeing each other even though they are on the same workgroup both vista and it used to work. I have ran out of buttons to press!

  Marskeman 17:52 26 Apr 2009

I am with TalkTalk getting 8mb down and 1mb up.

  Marskeman 18:26 26 Apr 2009

Just turned firewall off again on both computers ans still cannot see each other. Could it be Avast.

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