help cannot play DVDs

  wobblymike 00:21 19 Jun 2005

Please help with this perplexing problem. I have recently installed a DVD+ RW in my PC the object being to produce my own video and music DVDs to play on my main set top DVD player and TV. I have made a video DVD which plays fine on my set top player - today I decided to burn my MP3 collection onto DVD so as to play it on my set top player (up to now I have burned onto CDs) on doing so and inserting the disc into my set top player it won't play it and throws up a message saying cannot play this disc. It can't be incompatability because it plays Video DVDs but not an MP3 DVD. I created my video disc (which plays ) via NERO Vision express and my MP3 DVD (which won't play) via Nero startsmart. The bottom line is why will a Video DVD play and an MP3 DVD won't? Any suggestions greatly welcomed.

  soy 00:30 19 Jun 2005

Hi m8.

It may be down to your DVD player not being able to play Mp3's. i.e doesn't support MP3 playback. Have you checked this?

  wobblymike 00:38 19 Jun 2005

Yes I have played many MP3 CDs on it but this is the first MP3 DVD I have tried.

  wobblymike 08:42 19 Jun 2005

a last go at this today - anyone any ideas

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 19 Jun 2005

Did you finalize the dvd when you burnt it?

If you burnt as multisession and left the disc open it will not play.

  Joe R 10:37 19 Jun 2005


picked this up from a forum.

Seems lots of people are having the same problem.
1. choose dvd rom/iso. 2. drag n drop in your mp3's
3. burn 4. play in dvd player

  wobblymike 12:19 19 Jun 2005

Guys I have tried all suggestins above - no joy. I'm ticking the resolved box even though it isn't. I'll stick with it and if I find a fix will post back.

  wobblymike 11:24 21 Jun 2005

For anyone who is interested, I have established a fix for this problem - I purchased Audio DVD Creator at a cost of £20. The initial free trial download established that it worked and the full package once downloaded and activated works a treat - it allows you to set up Titles and Chapters and plays fine on my standalone DVD player. One point however I loaded up some 1025 MP 3 files for burning in chapters - it took some 8 hours to burn using NERO so don't be in a hurry - nevertheless it works great. Pity it cost me £20 but problem resolved.

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