Help with buying a Pocket PC

  Grandad D 20:01 06 May 2004

Hi, I have a laptop and have the urge to buy a pocket PC/handheld PC. I have seen them that also do GPS navigation but what else can I do with it if I bought one. What are the limitations when using one for the internet? Any advice would be a great help. Ta Dennis

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:05 06 May 2004

I find them exceptionally useless. They are small and fiddly and the 'internet' access is a bit of a joke. I tried using a GPS one in a car and it was not terribly good, I would suggest a 'proper one' if you think that you will ever need GPS. They may be of use to businesses but they all seem to use laptopps in any case. Sorry to be negative but I cannot think of a single reason to buy one.


  Grandad D 20:07 06 May 2004

Thank you. You have saved my a fair amount of cash. As I said it is just an urge, I don't realy need one. Ta Dennis

  accord 20:13 06 May 2004

i use one for my work instead of a paper diary and find it invaluable. I syncronise with outlook on my pc so all contact details are the same at home and at work. i update spreadsheets and word document, be it simple ones, as i go through my day and i find the whole concept a great idea. i dont use the internet via the pocket pc or email, i have enough of that on my desktop pc.

conclusion: i love it and wouldnt go back to a paper diary / filofax etc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:20 06 May 2004

'i love it and wouldnt go back to a paper diary / filofax etc.'...I've just got rid of my pocket PC and bought a Filofax....much quicker and easier.


  Gaz 25 20:20 06 May 2004

Theres one at Aldi.

  Gaz 25 20:21 06 May 2004

I use mine as an MP3 player, and to read my e-mails on the move.

  accord 22:16 06 May 2004

GANDALF <|:-)>

Each to their own

  ton 01:19 07 May 2004

Wouldn't be without mine. I use it to play music, play Scrabble and other games, as a diary, as a dictionary (German & English), for all sorts of conversions, keep records of my car mileage/petrol, as a calculator, a remote control for everything in the house, as a viewer for digital photos and more.

I do download a few web pages but I wouldn't recommend it for general internet use.
But it is a great toy!

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