help with buying a gaming laptop please

  sut1576 01:40 10 Dec 2009


i am looking to buy a gaming laptop for my son for xmas. im lookingto buy the best i can for around £600.

i have very little wishes in respect of spec i would just like a laptop that he can play on with it struggling to much so any recommendation would be great thanks. im lookin at both new and second hand i just want best band for my money.

thanks for any help

  GaT7 15:24 10 Dec 2009

You don't say the games that will be played. For better advice, let us know what these are likely to be.

Here are a couple of useful lists - click here & click here - of laptop graphics cards with how some games fare on them. The best graphics cards are at the top, with lower performance as one goes down the list. Clicking on a particular graphics card link, takes one to a page with more details, with laptop brands & models that contain them towards the bottom.

From the above, you'll find that £600 does not go very far. Unfortunately a good, or even average, dedicated graphics on a laptop is one thing that can greatly bloat its price. For £600 you're likely to get a better desktop gaming system, including a TFT monitor - so consider one of these instead. G

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