help buying a computer

  dpkpn 23:37 19 Oct 2009

hi there
i was wondering if you could help me,i want to get a computer just for gaming as i have a laptop for the internet,and am fed up when new games come out and i cant play them as they noramlly say you need this or you need that to play this am looking for a computer just for games am not an online gamer and i dont want the internet on it.
any ideas

  crosstrainer 10:48 20 Oct 2009

It's really about how much you want to spend. The firm in the link below is trusted by many here, and I can vouch for them also.

You could of course build your own top spec pc, but a few golden rules to be aware of whichever way you go:

1) Go for a Quad core CPU if you can afford it

2) At Least 2gb RAM (better with 4gb)

3) A top notch Graphics card in order to play your games at a decent frame rate and resolution.

click here

Some other links here:

click here

Graphics cards reviews above.

click here

Spec your own in the link above.

This will give you an idea of the kind of money you need to spend. I build my own so can't vouch for the retail built range from any company, but many here will have recommendations.

  dpkpn 23:49 20 Oct 2009

thanks for the info crosstrainer

  Jameswafer 19:31 21 Oct 2009

click here

nice option if you would pref a lappy

  VOT Productions 18:56 26 Oct 2009

At least

Intel i7 or (older) Intel Quad Core 2
4+ GB of RAM
Radeon 4870+ or GTX 275+
600 W+ Power Supply

PS. 64 bit removes 4 GB limit

  Asaqueens 23:42 26 Oct 2009

Hey there dpkpn

Well i am by no means an expert but if i was you go for something mid-high end.
A good way to do this is to think how much you want to spend on each individual component. eg: £150 on a graphics card.

I am not sure if ddr3 ram is actually worth getting as i have not had the chance to obtain any and test it.
From what i last heard it's not that important when it comes to gaming (though that might have changed) and you can get ddr2 very very cheap now and most of its very good.

As Crosstrainer said try to get quad core! :)
I currently have a Q6600 and have had it for over 2 years now i think and it's been amazing for my gaming needs.
Q8200 seems like a good bet though as it can be clocked quite well it seems and only costs around the £100 mark which is good :) (3ghz comfortably)

Graphics wise i would go with something like the radeon 4890 as it's fairly cheap for a very good card that will play pretty much anything you throw at it. I want one myself :)

Anyway the list goes on but some of the components i chose there are ideal in my opinion as they are high performance on a budget. This is the beauty of building your own!

As a last note....make sure you get a decent case, psu, case fans and a decent heatsink/fan for your cpu. Never go cheap on any of this stuff as it really is worth splashing out on as it will allow your beast to breathe with ease and allow you to overclock comfortably if you wish to that is :)
Oh how i miss wasting my money on this sort of stuff :(

  scousejen 13:20 27 Oct 2009

I have just purchased a gaming pc from a company called Cube247. The system is ace. If you go on their website they have a section for gaming pcs and theres a few to choose from. I went for the Serpens system and have no trouble playing games. If you want to have a look it click here. Their sales staff are very helpful is you not sure what graphics card or other components you want.

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