Help on buying 17" / 19" LCD Monitors

  suburban train 13:38 30 Dec 2005

HI All

Ive been looking at trying to purchase 17" / 19" LCD Monitor using, misco and ebuyer but im a bit confused my the terms 8ms some which are good for gaming while others only useful for office applications.

Basically im after either 17" or 19" LCD which is low in price I dont mind paying abit extra for that better quality product but im trying to pay as low as possible, i will use it mostly for office apps not really PC gamer so top of the range high quality wouldnt apply to me.

Does anyone know of any good products which I could go for any good websites or high street stores and which items to avoid,

Thanks for your help!

  Ritchbee 13:42 30 Dec 2005

I've asked the same question.

I'm looking at these two monitors.

click here

  Big Elf 13:45 30 Dec 2005

I bought an AG Neovo 19" DVI with 12ms response for £184 a few of months ago. I'm very happy with it.

click here

  sil_ver 13:45 30 Dec 2005

The choice is yours mate. 8ms refresh rate is good for gamers but for your needs refresh rate is not a priority as most offer lower than 16ms. I bought my 17" TFT monitor by looking on ebay for a reliable trader and got a Philips 17" for £145 inc. del etc. this was about 3 months ago.

  007al 13:48 30 Dec 2005

Have a look here click here

  SG Atlantis® 13:49 30 Dec 2005

new samsung monitors are the bees knees

  belt_and_braces 13:53 30 Dec 2005

things are getting cheaper now but:

think support! warrantee time? onsite or return to base? immediate swap out or wait for repair?

how many dead/live pixels constitute a fault? this last one is called class 1 or class 2 i think...

what would you do if monitor had to be away for 3 weeks for repair in 9 months time? or:
if the manufacturers standard was that 3 pixels failure was acceptable right in the middle?

i got NEC multisync LCD1560vm: 15" 3 year onsite swapout, 0 dead/live pixel tolerance in first 12 months, brilliant brightness, contrast and ANGLE of view; not cheapest. oh VM means with speakers

so i humbly suggest:

DVI input [digital], always works with old vga input but one day you might buy a DVI-out graphics card [mine cost only £40 256mb pnp];

the ms [milliseconds] depends on whether you play games - 8ms great for games, however 23ms fine for all else at my size 15" for DVD's;

can you actually fit in a 19"? get biggest you can afford now as MS vista is coming and any new PC you buy can always be supplied without a monitor.

read lots of reviews, build a mental database then decide and THEN find it cheap in sale!

  suburban train 14:06 30 Dec 2005

any comments on

click here

  961 14:18 30 Dec 2005

I bought Acer AL1912 from Argos in Nov for £189

It's currently on their site (670/1080) at £149.99

As a 19" monitor I find it absolutely terrific

Acer ranked top in PCPro reviews for 2005

I bought it this way, as opposed to mail order, because if you open it carefully and preserve all the packing etc, you can gently power it up and see if there are any dead pixels. You can't do that mail order

  007al 14:25 30 Dec 2005

That looks ok for what you want.
This has DVI too if you want digital connection click here

  007al 14:29 30 Dec 2005

I use this click here
Its good for games,movies and having different windows open together.Its not DVI but its clear as glass

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